Corridor Gallery 34 Group Exhibition Selected by

Date: Sptember 18 (Mon.) – November 18 (Sat.), 2023
Place: Corridor Gallery 34, Park Hotel Tokyo (34F)
Fare: Admission Free
Selected by:
DM Group Exhibition park hotel tokyo is dedicated to creating a world where anyone can live as an artist while offering our guests a “wine in hand art experience” in Ueno, Hiroo, and here at the Park Hotel Tokyo. Our most important artists are our instructors, who are current art students and graduates. We hope you will enjoy this first attempt by to support these great artists as they spread their wings in the form of an exhibition.


Chihiro Yamamoto/Ogawa Takahiro/Nanary Sakamoto/Yui Tonegawa/Misato Goto/Saki Washuu/Daichi Okahara
Makoto Uchida/Mami Fukumitsu/Maria Beddingfield/Nanako Hada/Mizuki Jones/Naohiro Kosugi

“Infinite Time and Space Amid Cognizant Japanese Beauty”

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