Corridor Gallery 26/27



Time:11:00 a.m. – 17:00 p.m.
Location:Corridor Gallery 26/27 (26F/27F)
Fare: Admission Free

Since 2016, Park Hotel Tokyo has hosted “ART in PARK HOTEL TOKYO (AiPHT)”, an annual contemporary art fair held in the hotel.
About 40 galleries from Japan and abroad use the hotel’s guest rooms as an exhibition space to display and sell their featured works. Many of the exhibiting galleries are based outside of Tokyo, making it a place to present artists and works that one rarely has opportunities to view in Tokyo. Also, many of the exhibitions are by prominent young artists or renowned international artists, resulting in a group of artworks rich in variety on display at the hotel fair.
One can view the artworks carried by the galleries participating in the fair all year round at the “ART in PARK HOTEL TOKYO Exhibition” corridor exhibition on the 26th and 27th floors. All of the works displayed and for sale are carefully selected from the participating galleries whose staff possess a keen sense of aesthetics. Please take this opportunity to enjoy encountering a work of art that is close to your heart.




Opened in 2006 as Nagoya’s premium gallery. We hold more than eight exhibitions annually and feature great pieces of artwork by various artists every time. We also pro-actively seek young emerging artists as well as independent artists and help bridge the gap between them and dealers, buyers and collectors at our own space or by participating in art trade shows and expos. Our motto is to offer these talented artists an opportunity to step into the spotlight and be more recognized than ever before.


Break Zenya

“Break Zenya -The next generation artists TV-” is a Japanese TV program that started broadcasting in 2016. In this program, we have introduced more than 270 artists about to spread their wings into the world.

Other than TV broadcasts, we hold a “Break Zenya -The next generation artists TV- Exhibition” once or twice a year to provide artists with a space to present themselves.



capacious is a project to introduce artworks by people with disabilities in Osaka to the contemporary art market. The word capacious means something with a lot of space or a large capacity, as in the image of a large bag without partitions. Removing preconceived frameworks, such as the history of contemporary art or the constraints imposed by language, we pursue the boundless possibilities that come from the pure appreciation of works of art. Our goal is to connect artists with art fans and to make their works available for collection by many people.



hpgrp GALLERY located in Tokyo is a contemporary art gallery belongs to H.P. FRANCE group. We introduce talented, emerging artists who create a world of their own in a variety of ways. We widely open its door to access to the high quality art works, and provide you with all the opportunity to get to touch the art just like enjoying music and fashion.



MARUEIDO JAPAN is a contemporary and modern art gallery that opened in Akasaka, Tokyo in April 2018 as the contemporary division of MARUEIDO, a long-established commercial art gallery dealing mainly in modern Japanese paintings. Beams of natural light stream into the white cube facing Roppongi-dori, illuminating the tranquil Japanese setting inside. We have held many exhibitions in the past of site-specific installations that take advantage of the unique nature of this space. In addition to actively participating in art fairs in Japan and abroad with artists from a wide range of genres on themes such as materials, time, light, and society, we also plan and present our own exhibitions based in Tokyo.



MASATAKA CONTEMPORARY was launched in January 2013. Our mission is to introduce and encourage emerging talents that we felt in love with. We explore artists and their work across various media that meet our two criteria; creativity and independence.



It opened in Tezukayama, Osaka, in 1992 and moved to its current location in Minamihorie, Osaka, in March 2010. It carries modern artists from the United States, Europe, and Asia and in recent years, has been proactively introducing mainly young artists from Japan. In the exhibition space, it plans individual and group exhibitions by artists that are carried and proactively participates in not just domestic but art fairs held overseas in Europe, the US, and so on as well. It acts to invigorate the art scene in Osaka with diverse exhibitions and relevant events. It established a new space, the “Viewing Room”, in April 2016. In this relaxed space, other than works from artists not in the exhibition, it exhibits works from the gallery’s collection.

“Infinite Time and Space Amid Cognizant Japanese Beauty”

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