Corridor Gallery 34

“Inspi” exhibits the works inspired by Japanese traditional phrases, done by artists of “これやん” pronounced KoRéYan.

Koreyan Exhibition “INSPI”

Date: March 19 (Sun.), 2023 – May 12 (Fri.), 2023
Place: Corridor Gallery 34, Park Hotel Tokyo (34F)
Fare: Admission Free
KoRéYan website

Koreyan Exhibition “INSPI” is held by the art E-commerce site Koreyan in collaboration with Park Hotel Tokyo as known as the Art Hotel. The purpose of this exhibition is to show Japanese culture through the inspirations of Japanese artists. We picked heartwarming Japanese phrases and threw them to artists. How do they get inspired from those words? What do they create from the inspirations? The answer is in their artworks. We hope you would enjoy the interaction between those phrases and the artsworks.

Mitsuru Kuramoto

“Infinite Time and Space Amid Cognizant Japanese Beauty”

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