Corridor Gallery 34

Flowers, Wa and I

Period: November 21 (Tue.), 2023 – January 29 (Mon.), 2024
Location: Corridor Gallery 34, Park Hotel Tokyo (34F)
Admission: Free
Antiquarian book painter and travel journalist: Nagisa Nakauchi
Supported by Patron Project

Flowers, Wa and I Exhibition park hotel tokyo

The coronavirus pandemic. What saved me from the depths of depression was nothing else but the wild flowers blooming in my neighborhood.

The wild flowers bloomed with dignity, oblivious to the turmoil of the world. Their lovely and natural beauty caught my eyes and I finally returned to my creative work.

In this spring, when the coronavirus pandemic subsided somewhat, I went out to look for flowers and grasses, only to find that everything had been mowed down and disappeared.
As the world began to move forward, the ground had been swept clean, and the wildflower gardens had disappeared.

I now realize that the world of colorful flowers that could be seen here and there was a paradise that appeared only during the coronavirus pandemic.

Over the past few years, I am discovering the beauty of flowers and the goodness of Japan, which is the source of my own life.
I sincerely hope to share this feeling with you.

Nagisa Nakauchi

Antiquarian book painter and travel journalist

Grew up in Argentina in her childhood and became convinced of the lure of different countries’ cultures in the world.
She began learning by herself a method of sketching and drawing based on her overseas experiences. Graduated from Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, majored in Spanish. Beginning with a solo painting exhibition in Paraguay, she has energetically publicized her art works in Japan and foreign countries. She has attained to establishing her own style of drawing: namely, drawing the scenery of her traveling places on old books which she obtained thereat.
She visited, as an invited artist, to the Contemporary Art Center Piramidón, Barcelona in 2008 and devoted herself to creative drawing activities. Illustrated the new cosmetic line “Natural Ex” of Hollywood Cosmetics Co., Ltd. as its main visual.Held solo art exhibitions at: the National Gallery of Children Museum, San José, Costa Rica; the Spanish Embassy in Tokyo; the Ivy Brown Gallery, New York; the LOEWE Ginza main store, Tokyo; the Shimada Art Museum Gallery, Kumamoto; the Art Gallery of Shinjuku Isetan, etc. Published an illustrated guidebook “Sketch de tabi suru Spain” (Ediman).

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Instagram @nagisanakauchi


“Infinite Time and Space Amid Cognizant Japanese Beauty”

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