Japanese Tea Ceremony

Table style Tea Ceremony

Table style Tea Ceremony is a ceremony style adopted to modern lifestyle by using table instead of tatami floor.

Yoko Hoshino

Head Instructor

Head Instructor, Table Style Sado Tsubakinokai
The organizer of Table Style Sado class “Sarasa.”

After graduating from university, she worked for 12 years as a cabin attendant for domestic and international flights for Japanese airlines. After retiring, she started her career as a Table Style Sado instructor. In addition to private lessons, teacher training, and consulting, she lectures at Miss & Mrs. contests, collaborates with artists on events, and presents tea at exhibitions.
She proposes Omotenashi and parent-child tea ceremonies based on her own experience, believing that “a beautiful lifestyle can be achieved through the tea ceremony.” Mother of two children.

Anna Clair

Model-Tea Master

While working as a model for advertisements and magazines, she runs the Urasenke Tea Ceremony School Shunkaan as Soan Nagae, a tea ceremony master, to convey the charm of the tea ceremony, which she started as a child with her Canadian mother. As a certified instructor of Table Style Sado Tsubakinokai, which has lowered the bar for tea ceremonies in Japanese-style rooms, she also proposes tea ceremonies without place restrictions. She also collaborates with various specialists to offer new forms of the tea ceremony. She is also a certified kimono stylist and the creator of “Yu-en by Anna Clair,” a brand of accessories suitable for both with kimonos and clothes.


We have invited our guests to participate in observing the performance of tea preparation.

Date December 17 (Sat.) – December 18 (Sun.) 2022
Place Gallery Room/ Park Hotel Tokyo (31st floor)
Available for House Guests
Collaborated with TSUBAKINOKAI (https://tablestylesado.com/)

“Infinite Time and Space Amid Cognizant Japanese Beauty”

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