Uniform Redesign for Reception Staff

By Yuima Nakazato

In May 2015, the Park Hotel Tokyo renewed the uniforms of their customer facing staff: the reception desk, bell service staff, and concierges. The hotel commissioned designer Yuima Nakazato to design and create new uniforms that would allow customers to experience the hotel’s concept of Infinite time and space amid cognizant Japanese beauty. The Park Hotel Tokyo promotes the initiative of Artist in Hotel across all its departments, aiming to allow artists to enjoy the hotel’s atmosphere in the hope that it would inspire them to create their original works. This new uniform has also been designed in the same way by Mr. Nakazato. After getting a feel for the atmosphere of the hotel, Mr. Nakazato created an original design that goes way beyond any uniforms they have used in the past.

The designer who worked to express Japan’s sense of beauty, a concept that is invisible to the eye, was Yuima Nakazato, a Japanese designer who is active all over the world.
Mr. Nakazato was in charge of costume design for the live action version of the movie “Lupin the 3rd” in 2014, and he also created the costume designs for EXILE and Lady Gaga. His costumes have been greatly acclaimed by many artists in Japan and overseas.

When commissioning him for this design work, in addition to the concept of the hotel, Mr. Nakazato was given the following three keywords to be incorporated in his designs: feminine, stylish, and adult. A series of meetings were held between Mr. Nakazato and the hotel team, starting from the rough sketches stage, to the fitting of provisional designs, up to the final delivery, always working toward creating a final uniform that combines both functionality and design.
“The impression I had when I first visited the Park Hotel Tokyo was that it looked like an art gallery up in the skies of Tokyo. I created my designs to match the hotel spaces dotted around with artworks from various artists, being careful to select the right color and texture for the material, and focusing on straight lines,” explains Mr. Nakazato.
As they continue to follow their corporate philosophy of “Promoting the spirit of Japanese omotenashi hospitality,” and in order to respond to the needs of their increasing number of overseas customers, the Park Hotel Tokyo plans to perfect all its services, both in the physical aspects and the human aspects of the business. Every member of the hotel staff welcomes customers while aiming to be at the forefront of Japanese omotenashi hospitality. Going forward they will all continue to work as one team, striving to make every possible effort to help its customers experience Japan’s sense of beauty during their stay at the Park Hotel Tokyo.

Room #Uniform Redesign  |  Completion Date: May 2015

“Infinite Time and Space Amid Cognizant Japanese Beauty”

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