Treat yourself to an Artsy Hideaway Stay with high tea dinner package

Treat yourself to a hideaway stay at this museum-cum-hotel Enjoy an elegant moment with high tea

At Park Hotel Tokyo, art exhibitions are held year-round in the corridors of floors 26-34, the guest-only floors, in addition to the front lobbies on the B2 floor, 1st floor and 25th floor. The number of artworks in the building always exceeds 400, making this an art museum you can stay overnight at! The Artsy Hideaway Stay Package allows you to enjoy the charms of our hotel to the fullest. Let our staff guide you through how you might spend your time at this hotel once you’ve booked the package. You’ll be sure to have a great time no matter if you’re staying solo, with a partner or with friends. Treat yourself to a different kind of hotel stay.

Written by Yuka Sasaki, Reception staff

Let me suggest recommendations for how you might spend your time at this hotel, and things you should definitely see and experience when you book this package.


Day 1


Checking in

park hotel tokyo atrium lobby

The artwork “Fujin and Raijin” (wind god and thunder god) iron sculpture welcomes you at the lobby entrance. The approximately 30m atrium in the lobby has an open construction. On the Artsy Hideaway Stay with High Tea Dinner Package, you’ll be staying in the Artist Room.

park hotel tokyo_artist room_one hundred poems

You can view the Artist Room on the day-of before deciding to book it, and if you are staying consecutive nights, you may change your room if your preferred room is available. Staying overnight surrounded by artists’ works is an unordinary, one-of-a-kind experience that you can only have at Park Hotel Tokyo! The room I recommend is One Hundred Poems, a lovely room where the passage of the seasons is described by tanka poems whose beautiful calligraphy you can enjoy at the same time. There are tanka poems on the topic of each of the seasons of spring, summer, fall and winter!



Enjoy art on the ART walk, an audio-guided art tour of the premises

ART tour at park hotel tokyo

The ART walk is available from 10:00-20:00. You can listen to information about the art in the building through the audio explanations, while walking around and enjoying the pieces at your own pace.



Relax and enjoy a warm drink at the Executive Museum Lounge on the 25th floor.

high floor hotel lounge view_park hotel tokyo

Although not immediately noticeable, the view from the guest floor elevator hall overlooking the Exciting Museum Lounge is meant to resemble a Japanese rock garden, with the chairs and sofas designed to look like decorative stones. The self-service Hotel original flavored water, available for staying guests to use. Relax and unwind in the spacious lounge.



Just the thing for a museum-cum-hotel! See the recommended artwork on 25th floor, the Precious Time Exhibition

Precious Time展

While the Precious Time Exhibition is on display, the high tea desserts will feature a collaboration with the exhibition; you are guaranteed to have twice or three times the fun if you check out the exhibition beforehand. It is an exhibition with multiple works of art, so why not find your favorite?



An artwork collaboration! Distinguished High Tea

art colours dining high tea at park hotel tokyo

High tea, which originated in Europe, is simultaneously an evening meal and a tea party. At Art Colors Dining, located on the 25th floor of Park Hotel Tokyo, you can enjoy an elegant high tea comprised of an appetizer, main course, and dessert.

#I asked about the appeal of High Tea at Art Colors Dining

-Head chef Takeshi Kojima-
The ravioli in the appetizer course is inspired by Kunihiko Nohara “Zenzai Ⅱ”, expressing seething foam. The homemade sausage and bacon are an exquisite item made from scratch, with the broth made from pork. It was constructed in its entirety with fall in mind. The main course, roast duck and stuffed pie, is an item based on Nobuko Numano, “Babbler”, taking the work’s two birds and preparing with two kinds of cooking methods. The sauce utilizes duck bone broth, finished with red wine vinegar to bring out the acidity. The duck wrapped in pie pastry is a luxurious dish that uses foie gras and truffles.

-Pastry chef Jin Harasawa-
The dessert, inspired by Kunihiko Nohara “Omelet Cloak”, is a dish which condenses the work’s charm onto one plate. You are sure to notice the “Omelet Cloak”, which is directly visible when you enter the hotel entrance; the dessert is constructed with attention to balance, and fall tastes are enfolded into a crepe colored with saffron.




Just the thing for a museum-cum-hotel! Recommended art work the Corridor Gallery 26/27
Tour the ART in PARK HOTEL TOKYO Exhibition without rush

ai osawa art works at park hotel tokyo

At the corridor exhibitions on each guest floor, the works are from galleries which participate in the contemporary art fair held once a year at Park Hotel Tokyo; here you can view a wide range of works from trending young artists to internationally renowned artists. Approximately 40 domestic and international galleries participate, allowing you to see works that may be difficult to see in Tokyo. Now I’ll talk about my recommended works.
The exhibition that stays in my memory is Ai Osawa’s work on the 27th floor, which makes maximum use of the color red. Red expresses passion and victory, and with huge flowers which are opulent and endearing, these paintings are all ones which will instill you with energy when you view them! When you view it from diagonally below, you will notice firsthand things such as surface luster and protrusions, and the sparkle of the lamé and sequins.
Kana Minami’s work on the same floor is done using the time-consuming aquatint and etching of the copperplate engraving technique; her work “Rabbit Of the moon” consists of three perspectives: the rabbit on the moon, the prairie rabbit looking at it, and who lame view them from the rabbit-shaped hole. You complete the work by being there to view it.
The way narrative works are interpreted changes according to the viewer, which ensures that you will be viewing them with excitement.



Blissful bath time

bath amenities THANN park hotel tokyo

The bath amenities provided are THANN Bland. Have a happy bath time with these amenities that relax you every time you smell them.


Day 2


Enjoy an elegant breakfast

Eggs Benedict_breakfast_park hotel tokyo

Enjoy breakfast at the ART colours Dining. Choose from an American breakfast or Eggs Benedict.



Encounter the Corridor Gallery works that you haven’t yet seen

park hotel tokyo art gallery

The Corridor Gallery is located on each guest floor corridor. Be sure to experience this rare opportunity to encounter many works of art.


<pThank you for viewing the Park Hotel Tokyo’s package with High Tea. We hope that your stay will be a special and happy moment that will continue to live on.

The introduced information is relevant as of October 2021


Artsy Hideaway Stay with high tea dinner package

Starting from JPY47,700/Night for 2 people *including tax and service charge

Rate includes…

  • Free of charge access to internet in all rooms (wired & wireless)
  • Breakfast included
  • “Art Walk” Hotel art tour
  • “High Tea dinner” in Art colours Dining

Room: Artist room (Single/Double/King)

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