Treat yourself to an Artsy Hideaway Stay with Kaiseki dinner package

Treat yourself to a hideaway stay at this museum-cum-hotel  Relish a seasonal Japanese Kaiseki course meal!

At Park Hotel Tokyo, art exhibitions are held year-round in the corridors of floors 26-34, the guest-only floors, in addition to the front lobbies on the B2 floor, 1st floor and 25th floor. The number of artworks in the building always exceeds 400, making this an art museum you can stay overnight at! The Artsy Hideaway Stay Package allows you to enjoy the charms of our hotel to the fullest. Let our staff guide you through how you might spend your time at this hotel once you’ve booked the package. You’ll be sure to have a great time no matter if you’re staying solo, with a partner or with friends. Treat yourself to a different kind of hotel stay.

Written by Hiromu Nagasawa, Reception staff

Let me suggest recommendations for how you might spend your time at this hotel, and things you should definitely see and experience when you book this package.


Day 1


Checking In
Choose your preferred room and stay in the room with the art that you like!

パークホテル東京 アーティストルーム竹

The guest rooms on the 31st floor of this hotel, the artist floor, are decorated with art. When checking in, you can choose your preferred room at the front desk. You can also look at the actual rooms before choosing a room to stay in, so please inquire with the staff!



Enjoy Art on The ART walk, An Audio-Guided Art Tour of The Premises
Once you have taken a breather in your room, go for an ART walk!


Scan the QR code printed in the pamphlet with your smartphone to enjoy an audio guide of explanations regarding the art in the hotel. There are many eye-catching art pieces displayed in the hotel, but in particular, we would like you to take a look at the many Paralym Art pieces displayed on the 32nd floor. Pieces by disabled artists from all over the world are on display and there are many pieces that convey a strong message. Please take your time to appreciate them. Also, there are numerous interesting and unique pieces displayed in the lobby on the 25th floor! How about taking a photo together with an eccentric and eye-catching piece and uploading it to social media?!



Dinner at Japanese restaurant Hanasanshou
The cuisine that is beautiful both in flavor and appearance resembles edible art

コラボメニュー 花山椒

The cuisine thoughtfully prepared by the head chef who has accumulated a wealth of experience using carefully-selected ingredients is vibrant in colors and, although it is food, it resembles a single art piece. In particular, we would like you to notice during your meal how the presentation gives a sense of the season. We of course use seasonal ingredients, but the cuisine which capitalizes on the colors of the ingredients allows you to experience the current season visually as well. Please enjoy edible art unique to this hotel, a fusion of art and kaiseki cuisine, crossing over the borders of “East” and West!”



After your meal, use your free time to take a breather at the center of the lobby, the Atrium
The furniture and carpet at the “Atrium”, the lounge on the 25th floor only for guests, are actually part of an art piece!


In this lounge space, which was inspired by Japanese gardens, you can enjoy a relaxing time while gazing at art pieces with a free drink in hand. From the front desk, located with the lobby on the 25th floor, you can enjoy the night view complete with Tokyo Tower. You can take drinks with you as well, so we also recommend spending time in your room surrounded by art while gazing at the night view.



Day 2


Breakfast at the ART colours Dining
Will you choose the popular American? Or the classic Eggs Benedict?

パークホテル東京 朝食 アメリカンブレックファスト

You can enjoy breakfast at the ART colours Dining where many art pieces are displayed.
Two choices are available for the main egg dish, an American breakfast or Eggs Benedict, and you can choose what you prefer. By the way, I recommend getting the American breakfast with the omelet and bacon combo!!
Also, in the early morning (7 a.m. to just before 8 a.m.), it is very likely that Mount Fuji will be visible alongside Tokyo Tower from the front desk!! Please stop by the front desk on your way to or from breakfast and enjoy the morning scenery.


Thank you for viewing the Park Hotel Tokyo’s package with Kaiseki cuisine. We hope that your stay will be a special and happy moment that will continue to live on.

The introduced information is relevant as of October 2021


Artsy Hideaway Stay with Kaiseki dinner package

Starting from JPY40,950/Night for 2 people *including tax and service charge

Rate includes…

  •   Free of charge access to internet in all rooms (wired & wireless)
  •   Breakfast included
  •   “Art Walk” Hotel art tour
  •   “Kisetsu Kaiseki” dinner in Hanasanshou

Room: Artist room (Single/Double/King)

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