Staycation No.1 "Art"

Enjoy something out of the ordinary in a hotel just like an art museum

At Park Hotel Tokyo, in addition to the front desk and lobby area on the 25th floor, the guest room floors have art exhibitions in the corridors year-round. Guests that stay here can roam the corridors and enjoy the art on display just as they would at an art museum. The hotel delivers a luxurious, out of the ordinary feeling perfect for enjoying time indoors during your stay.

Three hotel experts have prepared model courses to allow customers to enjoy each and every inch of the hotel: Art course, Gourmet course, Art & Gourmet course.

The Art course has Art director, Tomohiro Fujikawa showing customers around the hotel. Spanning from floor B2 to the guest floors, this is truly a full-on art course. The highlight of the course is the sculpture of “Fujin and Raijin” (wind god and thunder god.) Be sure not to miss out!

1. B2F: Mural “Hazama”
2. 25th floor: Sculpture “Fujin and Raijin”
3. 25th floor: Exhibition “ART Colours”
4. 33rd floor: Corridor exhibition “Poco Bridge Exhibition”
5. 32nd floor: Corridor exhibition “Paralin Art Museum Exhibition”
6. 31st floor: Guest room “Artist Room”

Time required: 2-3 hours

◆Message from Art director, Tomohiro Fujikawa◆
Please come and enjoy the Artist Room, which has been designed to resemble a tea ceremony house to allow customers to have that extra bit of fun in their stay at the hotel. First you will pass through the Teahouse Garden on floor B2, and spend a little quiet time in the atrium built in the image of a central courtyard. Next, make the most of the art in the corridors of the 32nd and 33rd floors, and finally, when you’re mentally prepared for it, make your own personal art space, the Artist Room. In the room, you can be at one with yourself and quietly indulge in your own thoughts. An early morning stroll to enjoy the scenery and artwork from the front desk is also recommended.

1. B2F: Mural “Hazama”

First, please enjoy the wall paintings at the floor B2 entrance to the hotel. All rooms on the 31st floor of Park Hotel Tokyo are Artist Room with paintings painted directly onto the walls, making the rooms themselves spaces for works of art. This exceptional space in the B2 floor elevator hall that marks the start of customers’ journeys inside Park Hotel Tokyo offers a special taster of artwork for enjoyment. The art here was made by OZ – Yamaguchi Keisuke, who also worked on Artist Room Kabuki.

◆Message from Art director Fujikawa◆ “Hazama” (threshold) is an in-house work created with inspiration from the Teahouse Garden. The Teahouse Garden takes you from the everyday to a tea ceremony house that provides a sense of the out of the ordinary, making this garden a calm space to gather one’s thoughts in between. Take a breather here in this wonderful space that expresses quintessential Japanese spacial beauty in a modern way.

2. 25th floor: Sculpture “Fujin and Raijin”

Next you can enjoy the sculpture at the hotel lobby entrance, which comes as the top recommendation from Art director Fujikawa. This was created by Mikuo Konoki.

◆Message from Art director Fujikawa◆ This “Fujin and Raijin” (wind god and thunder god) iron sculpture greets guests that visit the hotel. Why not appreciate this work and compare it with Fujin and Raijin that stand within Sanjusangendo Temple and Tawaraya Sotatsu’s folding screens of Fujin and Raijin, which are said to be the archetype of this image?


3. 25th floor: Exhibition “ART Colours”

Take the elevator up to the 25th floor where the front desk is located. Once you have checked in, please enjoy the art exhibitions found on the same floor. The main art exhibition at Park Hotel Tokyo, ART Colours, is held in the open ceiling atrium that stretches from the 25th floor to the 34th, and features works centered around modern Japanese art that matches the seasons.

◆Message from Art director Fujikawa◆ The exhibition goes through each of the four seasons and expresses the seasonality of tastes and culture through the medium of art. Come and experience your very own blossoming tastes that can only be felt right here in this space, where time flows by at a leisurely pace, just like in art museums.


4. 33rd floor: Corridor exhibition “Poco Bridge Exhibition”

After having your fill of the main exhibition, make your way to the 33rd floor. At Park Hotel Tokyo, we make a wide array of efforts to let our guests experience the qualities of Japan and Japanese culture through art, under the concept of “Infinite Time and Space Amid Cognizant Japanese Beauty”. One such effort is the exhibition space“Corridor Gallery” where guests can look at works of art in the corridors as they would at an art museum. Please enjoy the Poco Bridge Exhibition on the 33rd floor.

◆Message from Art director Fujikawa◆ This is a exhibition space with collaboration works between western and eastern culture. It sees the meeting of internationally celebrated artists as well as young creators, giving birth to new creations. It is a space that blurs the lines between west and east.


5. 32nd floor: Corridor exhibition “Paralin Art Museum Exhibition”

Next, make your way to the corridor exhibition, “Paralin Art Museum Exhibition”, on the 32nd floor. With the cooperation of Shogaisha Jiritsu Suishin Kikou Association Introducing Paralym Art, the “Paralin Art Museum Exhibition” is on permanent exhibition in the corridor on the 32nd floor as part of our societal contribution activities.

◆Message from Art director Fujikawa◆ There a wide variety of works on display, centered around Paralym Art World Cup-winning art works. Here you will find truly art that is truly alive, made from the pure impulses of artists that have burst out from within without being influenced by their education. Please take your time and enjoy what is on offer.

6. 31st floor: Guest room “Artist Room”

Once you have enjoyed the corridor exhibition, make your way to your Artist Room, where the room is a work of art in and of itself. All rooms on the Artist Floor are Artist Rooms with paintings painted directly onto the walls, turning the rooms themselves into spaces for works of art.

◆Message from Art director Fujikawa◆ Make your way to Artist Room where you will stay. This is a one-of-a-kind art space in your very own world. It is not only a place to stay, but also blossoms into a work of art under the presence of people. Just what will you think, feel, and see as you become a part of your very own work of art?


Witten by Art director, Tomohiro Fujikawa 


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“Infinite Time and Space Amid Cognizant Japanese Beauty”

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