Staycation No.2 “Gourmet”

Enjoy something out of the ordinary in a hotel just like an art museum

At Park Hotel Tokyo, in addition to the front desk and lobby area on the 25th floor, the guest room floors have art exhibitions in the corridors year-round. Guests that stay here can roam the corridors and enjoy the art on display just as they would at an art museum. The hotel delivers a luxurious, out of the ordinary feeling perfect for enjoying time indoors during your stay.

Three hotel experts have prepared model courses to allow customers to enjoy each and every inch of the hotel: Art course, Gourmet course, Art & Gourmet course.

Delicious food and drink are what make a hotel stay fun! Cocktail Designer Koji Nammoku guides you through the Gourmet course, a feast for the eyes and palate at Park Hotel Tokyo. During your hotel stay, be sure to drop by bar The Society. Many non-alcoholic cocktails are also served.

1.Dinner: Kaiseki cuisine at Japanese restaurant Hanasanshou
2.After-dinner drink: Head to the state-of-the-art mixology bar The Society
3.Hotel breakfast: ART colours Dining
4.After-breakfast tea time: Executive Museum Lounge “Atrium”

Time required: 2-3 hours
Dinner / Hanasanshou : 2.5 hours, Bar The Society : 1 hour
Breakfast / Art Colours Dinig : 1 hour
After checking out : 1 hour

◆Message from Cocktail Designer Koji Nammoku◆

The Gourmet course lets guests enjoy the facilities of the hotel. Treat yourself to seasonal kaiseki cuisine for dinner, then head over to the bar. Here you can enjoy cocktails, mocktails, and whiskey. For a wake-up late in the morning, the chef’s famed Eggs Benedict are recommended. After checking out, take in art in the spacious atrium. Why not treat yourself to a relaxing time appreciating art and fine dining?

1. Dinner: Kaiseki cuisine at Japanese restaurant Hanasanshou

Hanasanshou is recommended as a dinner spot for hotel guests. Hanasanshou is a Japanese restaurant that fuses Japanese and modern styles. As it is also popular with gourmands other than hotel guests, it may be full when you drop by, so please make a reservation. Not only can diners enjoy food that looks as good as it tastes, but also they can also take in the view of the city from the 25th floor.

◆Message from Cocktail Designer Nammoku◆ For dinner, head to Hanasanshou, a Japanese restaurant where tradition fuses with innovation. Kaiseki cuisine, which highlights seasonal ingredients, is gentle to the body while offering a taste both nostalgic and new.



2. After-dinner drink: Head to the state-of-the-art mixology bar The Society

After dinner, stop by The Society, the official bar of the Scotch Malt Whiskey Society. New cocktails appear every day from the backspace Cocktail Lab. As the name suggests, the Cocktail Lab is equipped with equipment including vacuum cookers, mixers, flasks, and pipettes. It is a place for the study of cocktails, experimenting with the regulation of taste, aroma, and alcohol content. Come and enjoy the delicate and intricate cocktails and the rare whiskeys served at the state-of-the-art bar.

◆Message from Cocktail Designer Nammoku◆ After dinner, head for the beautifully shining marble counter of Bar The Society. Creative cocktails born from the Cocktail Lab are available, as are the mocktails (non-alcoholic cocktails) popular overseas, letting non-drinkers enjoy the spot too. 200 types of rare whiskey are always available.


3. Hotel breakfast: ART colours Dining

After a good night’s sleep, enjoy breakfast at the light-filled ART colours Dining. ART colours Dining is a richly creative space surrounded by works of art. Enjoy breakfast in an atmosphere like that of a museum.

◆Message from Cocktail Designer Nammoku◆ Breakfast is served until 10:30, so feel free to sleep in. The chef’s special Eggs Benedict is a recommended dish with a mild and luxurious taste.


4. After-breakfast tea time: Executive Museum Lounge “Atrium”

After breakfast, enjoy the high-ceilinged Atrium. Guests staying at Park Hotel Tokyo can use the guests-only lounge on the 25th floor, free of charge. In the high-ceilinged space of about 30 meters, the ART colours exhibition is held year-round. Come and enjoy the kind of hotel life that is possible only in an art hotel.

◆Message from Cocktail Designer Nammoku◆ After checking out, enjoy  appreciating the art in the lounge, with its pleasing high-ceilinged design.


Written by Cocktail Designer Koji Nammoku 


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