Staycation No.3 "Art & Gourmet"

Enjoy something out of the ordinary in a hotel just like an art museum

At Park Hotel Tokyo, in addition to the front desk and lobby area on the 25th floor, the guest room floors have art exhibitions in the corridors year-round. Guests that stay here can roam the corridors and enjoy the art on display just as they would at an art museum. The hotel delivers a luxurious, out of the ordinary feeling perfect for enjoying time indoors during your stay.

Three hotel experts have prepared model courses to allow customers to enjoy each and every inch of the hotel: Art course, Gourmet course, Art & Gourmet course.

Shiraki’s number one recommendation is the Artist Room, where art is drawn directly onto the walls of the guest rooms. There are 31 types of rooms, so please take the chance to check beforehand which room you like.


◆First day
1. Art : The Artist Room with art drawn directly onto the walls
2. Art : The Reception facing Tokyo Tower
3. Dinner : ART Colours Dining
4. After your meal : Executive Museum Lounge Atrium
5. Art : Corridor Gallery

◆Second day
6. Art : Art Shop “Tanagokoro”
7. Art : Corridor Gallery

Time required:
The Artist Room:Check in at around 4:00PM, spend 1-2 hours in the room at your leisure (look around in the room without rushing)
Reception Desk:At sunset, come to the front desk and spend around ten minutes appreciating the sky’s gradation
ART Colours Dining:One hour to one and a half hours (dining while looking at artwork)
Executive Museum Lounge:Around 30 minutes slowly appreciating all the works on the floor

◆Message from Asuka Shiraki, Omotenashi Concierge◆
That excitement when one makes a new discovery.
It’s a slightly different feeling than when one finds a piece of art or cuisine that suits their taste.
At Park Hotel Tokyo, we provide a space where guests can experience that excitement and at the same time unwind and relax.
We invite you to indulge on an art and gourmet journey that will stimulate your five senses.

◆First day◆

1. Art : The Artist Room with art drawn directly onto the walls

When coming to Park Hotel Tokyo, definitely please stay the night in the Artist Room. Under the concept of “Infinite Time and Space Amid Cognizant Japanese Beauty”, Park Hotel Tokyo is dedicated to creating a space where one stays aware of art in every place inside the hotel. All of the guest rooms on the Artist Floor are Artist Rooms where art is drawn directly onto the walls, turning the guest room space itself into a piece of work.

◆Message from Omotenashi Concierge Shiraki◆ Check-in to a room that is a work of art itself!
With the artist room, you can spend the entire stay with the artwork. Enjoy a unique experience which you cannot find in museums or galleries.


2. Art : The Reception facing Tokyo Tower

After fully enjoying the art in your room from corner to corner, come back to the Reception on the 25th floor. Please enjoy the city view directly facing Tokyo Tower.

◆Message from Omotenashi Concierge Shiraki◆ A breathtaking view from the large windows at the reception.
Twilight is undoubtedly the best time of the day to visit. The beautiful gradation of the sky after sunset and before darkness takes over. Depending on the expression of the sky, each day you will be able to appreciate the different art created nature.


3. Dinner : ART Colours Dining

After appreciating the fantastic Tokyo Tower, enjoy dinner in ART Colours Dining. ART Colours Dining is a space overflowing with creativity where you are surrounded by works of art. You can enjoy not only your meal, but also the artwork.

◆Message from Omotenashi Concierge Shiraki◆ Dinner at the ART colours Dining, where you can enjoy your meal while looking at the artwork. Nowadays, salads are not just side dishes. One of our hearty recommended dishes is the Lyon style salad.


4. After your meal : Executive Museum Lounge Atrium

After your meal, head over to Executive Museum Lounge Atrium in the atrium. Everyone staying at Park Hotel Tokyo is able to use the hotel guest exclusive lounge on the 25th floor at no cost. With a sense of openness in this roughly 30 meter atrium space, please enjoy the fleeting moment of the hotel life only possible in an art hotel.

◆Message from Omotenashi Concierge Shiraki◆ After dinner, relax at the lounge. In the open space with a 30-meter atrium, take your time to appreciate and enjoy the ART colours exhibition that is held throughout the year.


5. Art : Corridor Gallery

When done with your rest, head to the art walk on the 30th and 31st floors. At Park Hotel Tokyo, under the concept of “Infinite Time and Space Amid Cognizant Japanese Beauty”, we have put great effort into letting our guests experience Japan’s qualities and Japanese culture through the medium of art. One form of that is in the exhibition space, the “Corridor Gallery”, where guests can view artwork in the corridors like in an art museum.

◆Message from Omotenashi Concierge Shiraki◆ The corridor on the guest room floor is an exhibition space where you can view artworks, similar to a museum. Corridor Gallery 30 has many three-dimensional works, so you can take your time to appreciate the artworks from various angles. Save the rest of the corridor galleries for tomorrow.

◆Second day◆

6. Art : Art Shop “Tanagokoro”

At Park Hotel Tokyo, there is an art shop on 25F and 1F. Besides Japanese traditional handicrafts, works by the Japanese artists who created the Artist Rooms, Japanese authors, potters, etc. as well as Park Hotel Tokyo original items, are all arranged inside. Please feel free to stop by.

◆Message from Omotenashi Concierge Shiraki◆ After breakfast, head to the art shop, where you’ll find a wide selection of artworks by artists who created the artist rooms. You may even find the artwork of the artist who created the artist room you stayed in on display for sale!


7. Art : Corridor Gallery

After looking for souvenirs inside the shop, head to the corridor exhibit that you didn’t get a chance to see yesterday. Please enjoy the art exhibits inside Park Hotel Tokyo, built just like an art museum, to your heart’s content.

◆Message from Omotenashi Concierge Shiraki◆ Continue your art walk from where you left off yesterday.
Appreciate the artwork on each floor, because it is not everyday that you get to see artworks from different genres in the same space.


Written by Omotenashi Concierge Asuka Shiraki 

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“Infinite Time and Space Amid Cognizant Japanese Beauty”

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