Naughty Black Cat’s Halloween Afternoon Tea

The magic of Halloween comes with a naughty black cat. The black cat, attracted by the sweet smell, unexpectedly jumped into the cake.

These playful autumn flavors will make your tea time a magical story.

Period: September 11 (Mon.) – November 30 (Thr.)
Time: 12:00 noon – 2:00 p.m.
Restaurant: ART colours Dining 25F
*Tax and service charge included
Reservation:Advance reservation required 2 days in advance before 2:00 p.m.

Jin Harasawa

Chef Patissier

Born in 1993
Graduated from Gunma Culinary Institute in 2016 and began working at Park Hotel Tokyo’s Art Colors Dining in the same year. Winner of the in-house culinary contest. He meticulously and colorfully transforms new ideas into works of art.


[1st Tier]
Beet Dough Chocolate Roll Cake -Naughty Black Cat
Purple Sweet Potato & Blackcurrant Mini Tart -Witch’s Hat
Pumpkin & Apple Pudding -Bat

[2nd Tier]
Peach & Earl Grey Mousse Cake -Halloween Night
Chestnut & Rosemary Mont Blanc -Ghost
Red Grape & Thyme Macaroon -Spider
Pumpkin & Coffee Petit Choux -Jack-o’-Lantern

[3rd Tier]
Mushroom Cream Mini Burger
Sea Bream Brandade Croquettes
Marinated Salmon with Raifort & Dill Sauce

[Separate Dish]
Silk Sweet (Sweet Potato) Scone
Plain Scone

Pomegranate Vinegar & Raspberry Jam
Acai & Blueberry Jam
Clotted Cream

You can enjoy as many different brands as you like.


Choose from about 15 types of tea and coffee.


*A dessert plate is complimentary for customers celebrating anniversaries.

“Infinite Time and Space Amid Cognizant Japanese Beauty”

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