We present play-list series by collaboration of Park Hotel Tokyo and!

DJs from the online radio station, known for their one and only unconventional music selection, curate songs for the atrium space at Park Hotel Tokyo on 25th floor and release a play-list of 30 songs every month.

The atrium at Park Hotel Tokyo has ART Lounge in a space surrounded by Japanese antiques and contemporary art. It is a hotel platform where guests of various nationalities come and go, and there are always overlapping communications. It is an attempt to have you spend a time at our atrium with your imagination of Japanese season and the beauty of space.

Please enjoy the music selection by Hi-Ray in September.

※Please note that music selections are only available online. There is no viewing (BGM) in the hotel.


What is is a Japanese branch of the non-profit Internet radio in Los Angeles, USA, and has been established in 2012 by Japanese volunteer who has been in close relationship with for many years. Currently, in addition to in Japan, in Germany and in Spain have also started, and their free philosophy is expanding worldwide. with the cooperation of dublab, Japanese artists and DJs who have supported dublab so far, broadcasts and do events introducing music, art, and culture from unique perspective in Japan.

“Infinite Time and Space Amid Cognizant Japanese Beauty”

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