"Spring Breeze -Spring has come-" Dinner Course

ART colours x ART Lounge

Based on inspiration born from the ART colors exhibition work, we propose artistic dishes.
Please enjoy your meal time.

"Spring Breeze -Spring has come-" Dinner Course

Period: March 24 (Tue.) – June 7 (Sun.), 2020
Price:    JPY 5,000 (Tax & Service charge included)


Mixed Greens with Lobster and Scallop

A dish based on inspiration from the artwork “Hanahakke”
Gentle and powerful natural life force
Vibrant colors created by nature and mysterious landscapes
with the beauty of modeling
Flowers bloom, plants sprout, birds sing
expressing the coming of spring full of vitality

Main Dish

Grilled Wagyu with Spring Vegetables Red wine sauce

Prepared grilled wagyu as a main dish
Chose spring vegetables so that you can feel the coming of spring with the garnish
Please enjoy various fragrances carried by the Spring Breeze


Black and White Mascarpone Cream Puff and Spring Breeze Fruit Tart

A dish based on inspiration from the artwork
“Spring” and “At the night when a flower blooms”
The quiet winter has come to an end
creating a new season and new encounters
delivering exciting spring desserts

“Infinite Time and Space Amid Cognizant Japanese Beauty”

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