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Survive ※Non-Alcoholic Cocktail

Various colors and patterns are mixed, and the patterns are drawn in white on top of a complexity that cannot be described in a single word. It feels that it expresses the difficulty we have in living in this world. The word “Living” has the meaning of “active” and “intense” in addition to the meaning, “living.” Accepting different things, being strong, and living with best efforts. I expressed this in a taste where the two opposites, “earthiness” and “glamour”, mix and coexist.

Inspire : Living
Price: JPY 1,400
Period: until Feb. 28 (Mon. )


[To The Dawn Exhibition]

ART COLOURS VOL.37 2021 Winter – 2022 Spring Exhibition
From winter through spring, Park Hotel Tokyo will be holding an exhibition by hpgrp GALLERY TOKYO which introduces a wide range of talented, emerging artists.


Based on the concept of “Infinite time and space amid cognizant Japanese beauty”, Park Hotel Tokyo has been making efforts so that our guests can experience Japanese aesthetics in each scene of ART (Atrium, Restaurant, and Travel). As part of our initiatives, we hold series of art exhibition “ART colours” at the Atrium to welcome our guests with hospitality in the form of “arrangement”. The exhibition will be held throughout spring, summer, autumn, and winter, it is an exhibition of artworks with a sense of the season that is delicate with time and space.

“Infinite Time and Space Amid Cognizant Japanese Beauty”

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