Artworks Recommended by “3 Concierges of OMOTENASHI”

Daisuke Kagawa Art Exhibition - A Visitor from Afar in Autumn -

Daisuke Kagawa Art Exhibition – A Visitor from Afar in Autumn – is held as the 30th ART colours exhibition where artworks can be enjoyed along with the four seasons of Japan.

Six concierges of “3 Concierges of OMOTENASHI”(*) have each selected an artwork, and interviewed the two artists. Below are their introductory comments accordingly. The artworks are selected with the intent of enjoying Japan’s four seasons through art.

Please enjoy the introductory comments together with the art.

“Swirling Waterfall”

Recommended by Art Concierge Asuka Shiraki
Waterfalls, created by nature, are an art form that changes over time.
Despite being overwhelmed by the meticulously drawn water splashes that look as if they are dancing, they somewhat provoke a feeling of tranquility. This powerful art piece can also allow one to visualize the movement of the continuous flow of the water.
Waterfalls definitely exist on Earth, but the waterfall depicted here is so enthralling that it can be associated with a small utopia.
Please do take a minute or two to cherish this moment away from everyday thoughts, and enjoy this art piece where one can appreciate the coexistence of nature and history.

“Messenger from Night”

Recommended by Art Concierge Kanae Takasawa
My first impression of this artwork is “kindness” and “softness”. In bright sunlight, a “Messenger from Night” is standing silently with a smile under a tree full of vitality. I felt as if I had brought a silent night full of peace in our days that are changing rapidly. However, paying attention to the dry leaves fluttering at its feet, it can be seen as if it symbolizes a quiet end. Please enjoy this artwork where the impression changes depending on how you see it, along with the pair of “Messenger from Day”.

“The story”

Recommended by Art Concierge Kenta Yamada
The artist Daisuke Kagawa works as a part of artist activities to apply Japanese traditional Wabori (Japanese carving) painting to movie actors and extra to show it looks like tattoo.  This artwork also has a lot of traditional Japanese patterns and I don’t feel anything unnatural if someone says it is a design for Japanese Wabori tattoo.

The most remarkable point when I saw for the first time is the black pattern which is painted in the lower part of artwork.  I think that this pattern is one of the techniques of Wabori tattoo, which is a representation of frame carving and edging.

In Japan, tattoo always seems to be prejudiced due to the past history and media.  So do I.  I see this artwork and imagined a story that always had negative impressions such as past criticism and discrimination, where the culture of tattoos has progressed in Japan.  However, Wabori techniques have various expression techniques, and Tebori (hand-carving)techniques that do not use machines have been inherited.  When I remove the negative impressions surrounding the tattoo, I feel that this is a fine Japanese “Art” and “Culture” that has continued since ancient times.

I felt the strong voice of this artwork saying, “I want you to see pure Japanese Wabori as a piece of art and culture, without prejudice and past history.”

This artwork reminded me of the importance of making a judgment by taking away the prejudice surrounding things and people.


“Heavy Black Iron”

Recommended by Lobby Concierge Jung-Hwan Kim
The mask has been used for various purposes in the long history, and this mask is used as a passage to convey a message as well.  From a new idea that combines the drawing and the mask, his artwork is finished in a unique atmosphere.  Since it is the artwork that allows you to enjoy the his unique view of the world, I chose this as a recommended work. It is a work where you can feel the breath of the ancestors like the face of a clay figure in the ancient Jomon period.  Please take your time.


“Mountain Bird”

Recommended by Restaurant Concierge Ieva Valuckaite
Marebito is often translated as a divine joy-bringing visitor from afar whose shape in my opinion may differ depending on viewer’s expectation.   In Kagawa’s Visitor From Afar In Autumn exhibition, I was particularly intrigued by Mountain Bird expression. Standing on a mountain-top, Mountain Bird possesses a godly aura that leaves strong impression on the viewer. The image which quickly comes to mind here is that he is looking at the world through a mysterious mask, spreading autumn by visiting places. Mountain Bird, apart from acrylic paint, was created using black ink mixed with Japanese butterbur plant in a studio surrounded by mountains. This proves the work’s undeniable connection with nature. The colours are calm and they emphasize the beauty of autumn and special sensation of ancient times. The expressed impression makes Mountain Bird my favorite Marebito, and I curiously want to know which Marebito ignites your autumn.

“Song of Swirling Forest”

Recommended by Restaurant Concierge Rivington Yamamoto
Listen carefully and you will hear the forest reverberation from the visitor’s mask.  From the autumn winds, a green vortex whorl through the woods and the sound returns to the soil with various lives of the forest.Overcoming snow and cold winter, new life will soon sprout in spring.  Insects and other lives that withstood the hot summer sings a cool autumn breeze.


Click here for detail of Daisuke Kagawa Art Exhibition – A Visitor from Afar in Autumn –

* “3 Concierges of OMOTENASHI” is an initiative being carried out for guests to experience Japanese aesthetics in each of the ART (Atrium, Restaurant and Travel) scenes. Art Concierge, Lobby Concierge and Restaurant Concierge will work together to guide guests according to their individual preferences, and help them to make their stay a more memorable one.

Mugwort, Gohun on Kissho hemp paper, sumi, Acrylic paint, Pigment
Camellia, Mugwort, Gohun on Kissho hemp paper, sumi, Acrylic paint, Gold paint, Pigment
Bamboo, Branch, Cloth, Ceramic, Gohun, Sumi, Acrylic paint, Gold paint, Pigment 
Yew, Gohun on Kissho hemp paper, sumi
Butterbur, Gohun on Kissho hemp paper, sumi, Acrylic paint, Pigment
Azalea, Pine, Gohun on Kissho hemp paper, sumi, Acrylic paint, Pigment

“Infinite Time and Space Amid Cognizant Japanese Beauty”

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