A Harvest Festival of ART

ART colours Vol. 34 Autumn Exhibition

Throughout the year, Park Hotel Tokyo holds series of art exhibitions “ART colours” representing the four seasons of Japan.

Speaking of Autumn, it is said to be Autumn of appetite, Autumn of reading, Autumn of sports, and Autumn of art in Japan, and it is a phrase that is not available in other seasons.

In Japan, there are many delicious seasonal food in Autumn. Rice grows, and many vegetables and fruits are harvested. There are also festivals to thank farmers for harvesting crops and pray to God for a good harvest next year. People are pleased that the harvest was successful and expressed their gratitude at the festivals.

In this way, the artists of Paralym Art, who are gifted with artistic talents, will be grateful that they can harvest the skills and sensibilities of art every day, reflect them in their artworks, and continue to draw. In the Autumn of 2020, please visit us and enjoy the crops of art that have become abundant at the exhibition of “A Harvest Festival of ART” at Park Hotel Tokyo.


[Art Exhibition] ART colours Vol. 34 Autumn Exhibition
A Harvest Festival of ART

Date: September 24 (Thu.) – November 29 (Sun.), 2020
Time: 11:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.
Place: Atrium (25F)
Fare: Admission Free

[Exhibiting Artists] Risa Izumi・Mika Kamijo・Misato Shikata・T.Igarashi・Takanori Yamauchi・DK
[Collaborated with]
Shogaisha Jiritsu Suishin Kikou Association Introducing Paralym Art
[Video Production] antymark annex
[Planning Cooperation] creative unit moon
[Organizer] Park Hotel Tokyo


■About Paralym Art

Paralym Art is a social business certified by “beyond2020” program, which gives logo marks to cultural programs that contribute to the creation of legacy that is proud of the next generation, making full use of the regional rich and diverse cultures. Dedicated to creating a world where those with disabilities can achieve their dreams through art, Paralym Art teams up with disabled artists to foster the self-sufficiency of people with disabilities with the support of businesses and individuals, independent of social welfare.

■Park Hotel Tokyo and Paralym Art
Park Hotel Tokyo encountered Shogaisha Jiritsu Suishin Kikou Association Introducing Paralym Art in 2017, agreed with their philosophy of “creating a world where those with disabilities can achieve their dreams through art”, and is currently working on many initiatives to contribute to society, such as establishing “Corridor Gallery 32” on the 32nd floor (guest room floor) hallway in 2018.

We want to assist with continually creating places for artistic activities and spreading them domestically and abroad. We want to support diverse meetings and deep cultural exchange.

Going forward, Park Hotel Tokyo aims to become a company needed by society, to create common values through art, and fulfill the role of supporting and contributing to the self-sufficiency and empowerment of artists.

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“Infinite Time and Space Amid Cognizant Japanese Beauty”

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