Daisuke Kagawa Art Exhibition - A Visitor from Afar in Autumn -

ART colours Vol. 30

At the Park Hotel Tokyo, we welcome our guests with hospitality in the form of “arrangement”, one of Japan’s aesthetic values, expressed through the medium of art. As part of this initiative, we hold series of art exhibition, “ART colours”, representing the four seasons of Japan. In this 30th exhibition, we will use the work of Daisuke Kagawa to express “autumn,” representing a condensation of the views of nature held by ancient people in Japan.

Twice a year, once each in spring and autumn, there is a period when the sun rises from true east and sets in true west. These seasons have long been familiar in Japan as the equinoctial weeks. During this time in autumn, people give thanks for the blessings of nature while venerating ancestors. It is a time for worshiping the sun, with prayers for the coming year’s harvest. The “Visitor from Afar” in the title is a term that refers to natural phenomena or things (i.e., the gods) that exceed human knowledge, coming from an eternal and faraway world. It is said that this became folk tradition, and that the people of Japan have welcomed visitors with reverence, cultivating methods of warm hospitality.

Daisuke Kagawa, artist who draws on his own sensibilities and knowledge to create works that express the workings of “Visitor from Afar”, drew attention with the production of an Artist Room called “Jomon” in the Park Hotel Tokyo’s Artist in Hotel project in 2017. Exhibition this autumn will deepen this Kagawa-style “Jomon” world. Here, “Visitors from Afar” await guests at the Park Hotel Tokyo.

Enjoy a tranquil and rich autumn, with its balanced days of equal daytime and night, together with works of art that summon a deep-seated awareness of nature, at Park Hotel Tokyo.


[Art Exhibition] ART colours Vol. 30
Daisuke Kagawa Art Exhibition – A Visitor from Afar in Autumn –

Date: September 2 (Mon.) – December 1, 2019 (Sun.)
Time: 11:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.
Place: Lobby (25F) & Artist Floor (31F)
Fare: Admission Free
Exhibiting Artist: Daisuke Kagawa

Curated by: creative unit moon by KON-KON
Video Production: antymark annex
Organizer: Park Hotel Tokyo


Projection Mapping Image
Spiral Amitabha Tree (Left)
Artwork by Daisuke Kagawa
Spiral Amitabha Tree (Right)
Artwork by Daisuke Kagawa
Artist Daisuke Kagawa
Artist Room Single Jomon
by Daisuke Kagawa

“Infinite Time and Space Amid Cognizant Japanese Beauty”

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