Artist Room to be created by Noriko Saito

Above: Artworks by Noriko Saito

The “Artist Rooms,” in which each guest rooms are a work of art, has become a symbol of Park Hotel Tokyo and have been favorably received by our guests. Following the 31st-floor, where all guest rooms are Artist Rooms, the 34th-floor guest rooms are scheduled to be transformed into artist rooms. In June 2023, the creation of the eighth Artist Room on the 34th floor will begin.
Ms. Noriko Saito, an artist, will create this room.

Artist Room Production

Creator: Noriko Saito, Artist
Theme: Childfood
Starting Date of Creation: June ( Thu.) 1, 2023
Place of Creation: Room 3405, 34th Floor, Park Hotel Tokyo

Comment from artist Noriko Saito:

It depicts a childhood playing to the fullest until the 5 o’clock time rings.
I picked up acorns in the park and carved them with stones to make flutes called “Fue” and pieces called “Koma”.
After that, look for spiders that build nests at the base of trees…
If you find it, catch it and put it in your hand to play…
In the meantime, I climbed a tree saying, “Let’s climb this tree!”
We caught a lot of cicadas and showed each other how many we caught.
Jump from the top of the tree! !
After that, we kicked cans, put the cans of juice we picked up in the middle of the square, and played to catch people while trying not to get kicked.
Kick the can until you’re exhausted! ! well done
I was always excited…
Sometimes dogs came and chased me, and I couldn’t stop laughing…
In addition, Kamenoko, Invisible Man “Tomei Ningen” Esken, and Hide and Seek.
Each one is fun, fresh, and full of ideas, always a succession of great discoveries! ! !
Before I knew it, the number of people had increased and everyone became friends.
Covered in mud, my hands and feet were full of scars
Because I was playing with my whole body and soul
happy in mind and body
A pleasant breeze was blowing.
Time was forever.

Now my mind is busy moving around,
I see things through a filter, and my schedule is full of time.
A person who stayed in this room was inspired by the painting
Every day is an adventure, a great discovery
I draw with the hope that wonderful ideas will come to my mind and make me happy.

Artist Noriko Saito

1973 Born in Yokosuka City, Kanagawa Prefecture
1998 Graduated from Tama Art University, Department of Painting, Department of Printmaking
2000 Finished art research division at Tama Art University
2000~2004 Lecturer at Setagaya Art Museum and Art University

〈Main exhibitions〉
1996 Norwegian International Print Triennale, Kochi International Print Triennale
1997 Taiwan International Print Biennale, Sapporo International Print Biennale, Krakow International Print Biennale
1998 International Print Festival (Slovenia), Tokyo International Mini Print Triennale, International Print Mini Print Triennale (Finland), Aomori Print Award Exhibition, etc.
1999 Cluj International Print Biennale (Romania)
2000 “PrintComposition2000 Tama Art University 30 Years” Tama Art University Museum
2002 Kojin Toneyama Biennale, Kanae Yamamoto Print Award Exhibition
2003 Masuo Ikeda Art Memorial Award
2004 International Ausstellung (Gallery Kunstuck Germany), Krakow International Print Biennale
2005 “Print Exhibition” (The Tolman Collection/Tokyo), International Graphic Art Biennale (Yugoslavia), International Print Exchange Exhibition (Japan/Canada/Netherlands), etc.
2006 Selected as artist residency at Malaspina Printmakers (Canada) and stayed in Canada for one month
2007 International Contemporary Engraving Biennale (Romania)
2008 “100th Anniversary Yokosuka Exhibition” Yokosuka Museum of Art
2013 XI International Graphic Art Biennale (Serbia)
2017 “gift ★ f Exhibition” Shinobazu Gallery
2018 “Collection Exhibition” Tatsuo Yamauchi Art Museum, Saito Noriko Exhibition “Secret Land” (Shinobazu Gallery)
2019 “Line Art II”, “LIFE & LIVE Ryosuke Yasumoto Exhibition + Noriko Saito Exhibition” (Shinobazu Gallery)
2021 solo exhibition “Blue wind and pen pen grass sky full” (Shinobazu Gallery)
2022 “Animal Jin” Noriko Saito, Ryosuke Yasumoto, Asa Go (Shinobazu Gallery)
2023 “Life is Beautiful!!!!” (Park Hotel Tokyo)

〈Award History〉
1997 All Japan University Print Exhibition Purchase Award (Machida Print Art Museum), 2015 4th Bangkok International Print Drawing Triennale Purchase Award, 12th International Graphic Art Biennale Dry Point Grand Prix (Serbia), Seminaryo Contemporary Print Exhibition 《2015 Asahi Shimbun Award》 《2016 Minamishimabara Chamber of Commerce and Industry Award》《2017 Nagasaki Prefectural Board of Education Award》《2018 NCC Nagasaki Cultural Broadcasting Award》, 2016 10th Madoka Pia Biennale Jury Special Award

Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Library of Congress Washington, D.C., Smith College Museum of Art, Harvard University Museum of Art, Machida City Museum of Graphic Arts, Setsuryosha Museum of Art, Tama Art University Museum of Art, etc.


Members of the Media

Interviews during the creation of the Artist Room and coverage of other existing Artist Rooms, are welcome. Please feel free to contact us.

“Infinite Time and Space Amid Cognizant Japanese Beauty”

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