Artist Room to be created by Teppei Ikehila

The “Artist Rooms,” in which each guest rooms are a work of art, has become a symbol of Park Hotel Tokyo and have been favorably received by our guests. Following the 31st-floor, where all guest rooms are Artist Rooms, the 34th-floor guest rooms are scheduled to be transformed into artist rooms. In April 2023, the creation of the seventh Artist Room on the 34th floor will begin.

Mr. Teppei Ikehila, an contemporary artist, will create this room.

Artist Room Production

Creator: Teppei Ikehila, Contemporary Artist
Theme: Tokyo Borrowed Scenery
Starting Date of Creation: April 24 (Mon.), 2023
Place of Creation: Room 3407, 34th Floor, Park Hotel Tokyo

Comment from contemporary artist Teppei Ikehila

It brings joy to people when they see the preciousness in everything around them.

Ikehila paints by incorporating the canvas with things he wishes to paint most that day, filling every corner of the canvas with the most precious aspects of his paintings.

In recent years, Ikehila has been exploring new ways of incorporating the concept of “borrowed scenery,” a Japanese garden landscaping technique, to create works in which the view outside the work also appears precious to the viewer.

Ikehila was attracted to the natural scenery in the past, but when he saw the night view from the hotel window, he felt that human nests were also a part of nature.

The diversity of human nests is different from the beauty of the simple regularity of the natural world.

He felt the presence of people, each one different from the others, in each light, and that this was something precious.

The window side of the Artist Room will be a work that borrows the city as a borrowed scenery.
The bedside wall will be a borrowed scenery of nature.
The ceiling will be painted with the help of all kinds of people, including the Hotel’s employees and guests.
Staying here, you will gain a preciousness of nature, the city, the people, and everything in sight.
“Tokyo Borrowed Scenery” is a world of inclusion based on the concept of borrowed scenery.
In Japanese gardens, borrowed scenery allows you to enjoy and capture the unique and ever-changing natural scenes only visible in the present moment.
“Tokyo Borrowed Scenery” will be completed when guests capture the present moment of Tokyo.

Contemporary Artist Teppei Ikehila

1978 Born in Fukuoka

2001 Graduated from Course of Health and Physical Education, Department of School Teachers’ Training, Faculty of Education, Shimane University

Selected Solo Exhibitions
2000 “Blue Earth,” Gallery at Shimane Art Museum ( 01, 03, 06, 09, 12 )
2007 “Storehouse of the wing,” HIGURE 17-15cas, Tokyo
2011 “OFFICE BACTERIA Universe,” Medical Science Museum, The Institute of Medical Science, The University of Tokyo “OFFICE BACTERIA Universe / Planet,” Gallery Conceal, Tokyo
2013 “project N” Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery (Tokyo)
2018 “Teppei Ikehila TOKYO MERMAID PRINCESS” Park Hotel Tokyo
“Lighting up the present” hpgrp Gallery Tokyo (Tokyo)
2018 “Umikarayamahe yamakaraumihe” Ibaraki Prefecture North Art Village Promotion Project Exchange Art Project
2019 “Mitehanasou Exhibition” Sakura City Museum of Art (Chiba)
“Chikyuniumarete” Artline Kashiwa (Chiba)
2020 “Origin of the universe” Yorokobito Gallery (Tokyo)
2021 “Hajimarino Lion” NEWoMan YOKOHAMA (Kanagawa)
2022 “Sportsniokerubijutuhyougen” Yorokobito Gallery (Tokyo)
“Shikisaigatoumeinikaerubasyo” FLORE Artist Gallery (Kobe)
“Toumeinakomiti” Artline Kashiwa (Chiba)

Selected Group Exhibitions
2013  The 16th Taro Okamoto Award for Contemporary Art Exhibition Taro Okamoto Museum of Art, Kawasaki (Kanagawa)
2014 “SELECT FAIR in NYC” galerie bruno massa (New York)
“CONTEXT Art Miami” galerie bruno massa (Miami)
2015 “Art Fair Tokyo” gallery bruno massa (
2017 “VOCA Exhibition” The Ueno Royal Museum (Tokyo)
2019 “ARTO21 SHANGHAI” (Shanghai, China)
2020 “Victory Bouquet Exhibition” The Sato Museum of Art (Tokyo)
2021 “Itoshiki Inochino Ikimono Exhibition” Yorokobito Gallery (Tokyo)
2021 “Teppei Ikehila / Go Tateishi Mizuirononiwa Exhibition” Coul des ciel (Saitama)
2022 “Konichiwa JAPAN!Japanese Contemporary Artists Group Exhibition” SOKA ART TAINAN (Taiwan)
2022 “ART TAINAN 2022” SOKA ART (Taiwan)
“ART TAIPEI 2022” SOKA ART (Taiwan)

Workshop / Public Project
2013  Mural Workshop sponsored by National Center for Geriatrics and Gerontology ArtsAlive,  Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Subsidy Program for Promotion of Regional Healthcare Construction (Aichi)
2014 “Swimmy Mural Project” “NPO Group Oyajilink” “Wakaba Fukushi En, Kita-ku, Tokyo” sponsored by ArtsAlive, grant from Daiwa Welfare Foundation (Tokyo)
2015 “Kyokaisenwohiku⇔Koeru” Komaba Museum, The University of Tokyo Special Exhibition  Sponsored by IHS P3 Science, Technology and Symbiotic Society, The University of Tokyo
2017 Published Artbook “TOKYO MERMAID PRINCESS” Life Design Books
2018 “Sekaideissatsunoehonwotsukurou” Sponsored by Gender Equality Division, Yonago City, Tottori Prefecture (Tottori)
2019 “A-health” co-sponsored by ArtsAlive and McGill University, Canada, in cooperation with Tokyo Fuji Art Museum
2020  Started working on the cover art for “Tottori Now”
2020 Mural Painting “Sekaihataisetsunamonodedekiteiru” Professional Beauty Supply Five Kichijoji Store
2021  Mural Painting “Mizuirononiwa” Could des ciel (Saitama)
2021  Lecture/Workshop “ART LOVE Higashiyamato Naniwokanjitedouomouka” (Tokyo)
2022 Illustrator for Inaba Foods Calendar
2023 “Shikisaigatoumeiwohanatsubasyo” joint production with Nippon Technology Solution (Kobe)
Mural painting at Samueru Kodomo Mirainoen (Hiroshima)

Members of the Media

Interviews during the creation of the Artist Room and coverage of other existing Artist Rooms, are welcome. Please feel free to contact us.

“Infinite Time and Space Amid Cognizant Japanese Beauty”

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