Artworks Recommended by “3 Concierges of OMOTENASHI”

Becky –Cozy and Warm Winter!–

Daisuke Kagawa Art Exhibition – A Visitor from Afar in Autumn – is held as the 30th ART colours exhibition where artworks can be enjoyed along with the four seasons of Japan.

Six concierges of “3 Concierges of OMOTENASHI”(*) have each selected an artwork, and interviewed the two artists. Below are their introductory comments accordingly. The artworks are selected with the intent of enjoying Japan’s four seasons through art.

Please enjoy the introductory comments together with the art.


Recommended by Art Concierge Asuka Shiraki
Art is not what you see, but what you feel.

Of course, there are many that are visually appealing, but they cannot be compared with the emotions felt with the heart.
One can empathize with the same emotions, but everyone goes through a different life path.
Since people appreciate Art through their own lens, it is impossible to find anyone who will have the same exact feelings.
The Artist has said that she values intuition and positivity.
To some extent, one can feel the warmth and kindness overflowing from this piece.
Focus on your feelings, and let your mind cherish this special moment.

“with you”

Recommended by Art Concierge Kanae Takasawa
The artist said that she put her warm love into this simple artwork. She drew the two birds flying together in the clear blue sky in the image of her ideal couple who shares the hardship.
Also, the dots randomly put in the artwork remind us that she is the artist who leads Japanese Kawaii culture for many years.
Her art are all unique and drawn with full of happiness. So I wish you, especially the couple or the family, to enjoy her unique and charming art, and to feel happiness.

“Life Is Good”

Recommended by Art Concierge Kenta Yamada
Life can be round, triangular and square.
Or more like anything goes in our life.
We write our own stories of shape in our lives.
How wonderful life is depending on each persons.  However, there are huge stories behind our background that we can not judge and image at all.
I would like you to look at this picture when you are facing a big problem which struggles you.
Remember, your LIFE is good.

“Well come back”

Recommended by Lobby Concierge Jung-Hwan Kim
On a quiet night with beautiful winter stars, there is an aroma of sweet stew.
Although it is small, it makes me feel warm as if it were a peaceful and relaxed home. This is an artwork that you can hear the voice of your family greeting you saying “Welcome back, Dinner is stew!”


Recommended by Restaurant Concierge Ieva Valuckaite
The freedom in “BE FREE” was the point that germinated in my mind when I saw Becky’s artwork. It was in form of question and I had to observe the picture deeply to come up with what I believe is the answer.
The nicely draped yarn reminds me of a winter evening when one is wrapped inside a warm blanket.  Her combination also generates the thought of relaxing one’s body and mind, a process which makes our thoughts clear and helps us to feel free. It is a work which encompasses the imagination and thought,  a creation of unique mind and liberation.
Becky’s choice of her favourite warm colours and yarn expresses the artist’s feeling of freedom. They also act as magnet which draws viewers of her artwork to think liberation. I believe that the work is unique and conveys a strong message of freedom.

“beautiful wind”

Recommended by Restaurant Concierge Rivington Yamamoto
The first autumn winds gently stir the pink flowers like a pinwheel. The colors evoke an image of the changing season. The artist used her favorite colors and unique style to create this whimsical image for her fans.


Click here for detail of Becky –Cozy and Warm Winter!–

* “3 Concierges of OMOTENASHI” is an initiative being carried out for guests to experience Japanese aesthetics in each of the ART (Atrium, Restaurant and Travel) scenes. Art Concierge, Lobby Concierge and Restaurant Concierge will work together to guide guests according to their individual preferences, and help them to make their stay a more memorable one.

with you
Life Is Good
Well come back
beautiful wind

“Infinite Time and Space Amid Cognizant Japanese Beauty”

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