Efforts to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus infectious disease (COVID-19)

Last Update / July 16, 2020

Thank you for your patronage of the Park Hotel Tokyo.

At the Park Hotel Tokyo, we put the health and safety of our guests and employees first, and we have taken the following measures to give everyone at the hotel peace of mind.

Measures taken at Park Hotel Tokyo

[Public spaces]
・Additional hand sanitizer has been installed at various places in the building.
・We regularly clean and disinfect the doors of public spaces, inside and outside of elevators, tables and chairs in the lobby, toilets, smoking rooms, etc.
・A maximum of 4 people can use the elevator at one time.
・Employees wear masks when serving guests.
・Guests’ physical temperature will be measured at entrance.
Guests with a temperature over 37.5˚C will be asked to refrain from using our facilities.

[Guest rooms]
・Acrylic panels are installed at Reception counter.
・We disinfect writing utensils, equipment such as credit card terminals, and the front counter after each use.
・Cash and credit cards are passed using a cash tray at the time of payment.
・We disinfect door knobs, light switches, remote controls, telephones, and other surfaces that are often touched by guests in the guest rooms.

[Restaurants, Banquet, etc.]
・We have increased the cleaning and disinfection of door knobs, tables, menus, cutlery, etc.
・We have implemented new layouts with sufficient space between the tables and seats.
・Acrylic panels have been installed at the cashier counter.
・Cash and credit cards are passed using a cash tray at the time of payment.

[Request to customers]
・We ask for your cooperation in wearing a mask when arriving at the hotel and within the hotel premises.
・When arriving at the hotel, please use hand sanitizer.
・We may ask you about your health condition at the front desk, banquet hall, etc.
Thank you for your cooperation.

Measures for employees

・All employees are required to wear a mask when going to and from work.
・Thermometers and hand sanitizer have been installed in the building, and it is obligatory to measure temperature when arriving at work. Also, if temperature is 37.5 degrees or more or if not feeling well, he/she must stay at home until recovery.
・We have increased the thoroughness of the cleaning and disinfection in the back area.
・We carry out remote work and staggered commuting for some employees such as those in clerical departments to prevent infection.
・We have prohibited unnecessary and non-urgent business trips and overseas travel, and ask employees to refrain from holding banquets with their entire workplace divisions.


We kindly ask for your understanding and cooperation.

General Manager
Park Hotel Tokyo

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