Artworks Recommended by “3 Concierges of OMOTENASHI”


POCKO PARK “SOUND OF WAVES” Art Exhibition is held as the 29th ART colours exhibition where artworks can be enjoyed along with the four seasons of Japan.

Six concierges of “3 Concierges of OMOTENASHI”(*) have each selected an artwork, and interviewed the two artists. Below are their introductory comments accordingly. The artworks are selected with the intent of enjoying Japan’s four seasons through art.

Please enjoy the introductory comments together with the art.


Recommended by Art Concierge Asuka Shiraki
This is an essential aspect of all life.
The sea, swimming, as far as I can remember, I was blessed to grow up in an environment where water was a significant part of my everyday life. The serenity of the underwater and the floating sensation similar to flying through the sky, water has always provided reassurance as well as strength.
By looking at this exquisite collaborative art piece, one can to some extent appreciate similar feelings. The slight sparkle of the water surface that one can detect from a certain angle appears delicate, but at the same time the yellow used in the overall gentle color scheme provokes vitality.


Recommended by Art Concierge Kanae Takasawa
A black line drawn with a single stroke of in the bright turquoise blue expresses the “Universe”.
As the title of this painting, I feel as if an unknown space is expanding in the middle of the paintings. Summer is the season when the desire for adventure and exploration increases, and the infinite potential for the challenge. I also feel the interest and adoration to the unknown that fits the concept of this summer exhibition. (The black line attracts me to look into the outer space though it should be drawn on flat surface.
I recommend this painting which looks simple but it has deep aspect.)


Recommended by Art Concierge Kenta Yamada
People have different types and amounts of essence.
From my past experience so far, I have learned that it is possible to make and increase a new type of essence within us, depending on your effort.
Essence has huge power. If you drip essence to ordinary things, you can make them special which is full of originality. It is almost as if ordinary things were given life.
The meaning of picture is my human goal itself.

“Mount. Fuji”

Recommended by Lobby Concierge Jung-Hwan Kim
There are two things I felt from this work.
The first is “unique simplicity”. It is a work that can replace the existing image you think from the title “Mount. Fuji”. A message from the artist himself says “This is my sense of values!”
The second is “surreal mystery”. I feel that through his unique sense of expression and emotions, this art brings to life a spiritual impression. It’s a small and simple piece, but within this simplicity, we can feel as if various mysterious meanings are hidden.


Recommended by Restaurant Concierge Ieva Valuckaite
Sentience is part of human consciousness. It describes an ability to feel, perceive or experience the world subjectively. The experiences are not mainly based on reasoning and are also known to deeply affect actions and thoughts, giving birth to creation of our own reality as a result. Artist Niky described the process of creating this work as being in the moment, switching off the brain and following the hand. But co-author of Vasty, explained his impact in this work as playing with colors and symmetry to explore geometric compositions. Though explained differently, the both artists created this artwork through sentience, to express the sentience which is behind their inspiration. This is a great idea because it is not easy to express this essential part of us on a piece of paper.


Recommended by Restaurant Concierge Rivington Yamamoto
The “Reflection” of this collaborative art piece comes from its blue hue. Kyoko Hamada(photographer)created a set of blue photos in which she felt the blue was expansive and limitless. Receiving her photos, Linn Fritz (illustrator) felt very reflective, calm and harmonized by the color of the photo set which inspired her and lead to this illustration.
Linn also reflected on where we all tend to neglect and disregard the important questions in the world. Instead we be fascinated in the superficial things that are inessential. To reflect and meditate more in our everyday life can less emotionally reactive and more effective.
Personally I like the blue reflected in this piece but my favorite is the shadow of the paper airplane(looks like a space shuttle to me). Even a paper airplane, someday it can fly you into the deep blue sky(space).


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* “3 Concierges of OMOTENASHI” is an initiative being carried out for guests to experience Japanese aesthetics in each of the ART (Atrium, Restaurant and Travel) scenes. Art Concierge, Lobby Concierge and Restaurant Concierge will work together to guide guests according to their individual preferences, and help them to make their stay a more memorable one.

《water》 © Nomoco × Martin Holtkamp courtesy POCKO Japan
《Universe》 © Michela Picchi courtesy POCKO Japan
《Essence》 © Niky Roehreke courtesy POCKO Japan
《Mount Fuji》 © Marco Oggian courtesy POCKO Japan
《Sentience》 © Vasty × Niky Roehreke courtesy POCKO Japan
《Reflection》© Linn Fritz × Kyoko Hamada courtesy POCKO Japan

“Infinite Time and Space Amid Cognizant Japanese Beauty”

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