The art piece in the Park suite is turned into a work by "Paralin Art Artist"!

At Park Hotel Tokyo, we prepared the Autumn Exhibition of ART colours Vol.34 “A Harvest Festival of ART” in our atrium with the cooperation of Paralym Art.  Along with the Autumn Exhibition, Hajime Tajiri, who has won the Park Hotel Tokyo Award at the 2019 Paralym Art World Cup, will be exhibited in the Park suite on the 34th floor.  Please take this opportunity to stay in our Park suite and enjoy his artwork in a private space.


Date: September 24(Thu.) – November 29(Sun.), 2020
Park suite guest only


“Paralym Art World Cup 2019”

This is the Paralym Art World Cup, an event that looks to celebrate and praise artists with disabilities from all over the world.  Theme in 2019 was “Dance”.  Dance is performed everywhere in the world, including rituals and sports dedicated to God, social gatherings, and streets, and contains the emotions (joy, anger, sadness, happiness), sensations, and stories that people want to tell. Everyday expressions, such as a skip when happy, a nimble walk when full of dreams, and trudge when sad, all of these acts are the basis of “Dance”.  With that in mind, Paralym Art has been looking for artists from all over the world to participate the Paralym Art World Cup 2019 under the theme of “Dance.”


“About Paralym Art”

Paralym Art is a social business certified by “beyond2020” program, which gives logo marks to cultural programs that contribute to the creation of legacy that is proud of the next generation, making full use of the regional rich and diverse cultures. Dedicated to creating a world where those with disabilities can achieve their dreams through art, Paralym Art teams up with disabled artists to foster the self-sufficiency of people with disabilities with the support of businesses and individuals, independent of social welfare.

“Infinite Time and Space Amid Cognizant Japanese Beauty”

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