ART at Park Hotel Tokyo

Park Hotel Tokyo & ART colours

Park Hotel Tokyo is holding an art exhibition throughout the year in the following locations: (1) the front lobbies of the second basement level, first floor, and 25th floor; and (2) the hallways of the 26th to 34th floors, which have all guest rooms.
You can make online purchases of the works and goods of an artist who created an « artist room, » where pictures are painted directly onto the walls of a guest room.

Online site :KON-KON


All guests arriving at the Park Hotel Tokyo will first witness the Atrium, which is one of the largest atriums in Tokyo, spreading through ten floors. Through the glass windows behind the Reception counter, visitors can see the Tokyo Tower, which shows different scenery from day to night. Events and exhibits showing seasonal art pieces are held as part of the ART colours Exhibition which are held here in the Atrium. During the ART colours Exhibition period, the large wall is used as a screen to project a video which the motifs are taken from the artworks in the exhibition.


At the restaurants and bar, the “food artists (including head chefs)” materialize their own artistic ideas according to the ART colours theme. Their original cocktails, desserts, and cooked dishes complement the art pieces at the ART colours Exhibition. Tables are decorated with tea sets and plates original to the Park Hotel Tokyo, created in collaboration with ceramic artists, glass artists, and traditional craftsmen.


Inspired by the "Japanese sense of aesthetics", the artist painted directly onto the walls of the room as if it were a tapestry so that the entire room becomes a room with the artist's view of the world.

Colors of the Future Exhibition

ART colours


The ART colours Exhibition series showcases the works of artists around the central theme of Japanese contemporary art in a way that befits the time of year during which each exhibition is held.

Artist in Hotel

"Artist in Hotel" is the hotel version of "Artist in Residence". The artists himself stays in the hotel, absorbs the atmosphere of the hotel while partaking in its facilities and services and fashions a hotel room into a work of art.


Corridor Gallery


Corridor Gallery is an art gallery set up with the hotel’s wishes for the guests to feel art more closely, based on the theme of “Art for all”, in the corridor of the Park Hotel Tokyo.




“Infinite Time and Space Amid Cognizant Japanese Beauty”

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