Park Hotel Tokyo SDGs Declaration

Based on the management philosophy of Shiba Park Hotel Co., Ltd.
“Investigating the Way of Hospitality” and the behavioral guidelines “The Spirit of Hospitality”
(Have a spirit of gratitude to our guests, staff, business partners, and local communities, and also have the ability to think from the other person’s perspective), Park Hotel Tokyo endorses the SDGs (sustainable Development Goals) proposed by the United Nations and strive to achieve a sustainable society.


What is SDGs
SDGs activities in Park Hotel Tokyo
2.Creating a comfortable workplace
3.Environmental initiatives
4.Health and safety


What is SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were adopted at the United Nations Summit in September 2015. This is the goal set by 193 United Nations Member States to achieve in the 15 years from 2016 to 2030. Composed of 17 goals and 169 targets for a sustainable world, we pledge “Leave No One Behind.”


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SDGs activities in Park Hotel Tokyo

How we can contribute to sustainable vacations. We have set four key goals that aim to contribute to the 17 Sustainable Goals (SDGs) as follows. We will steadily implement initiatives to fulfill our social responsibility to our guests, employees, business partners and communities. We are also committed to contributing to people with disabilities through our art activities. We incorporate hospitality (art) that allows our guests to experience Japanese aesthetics in the ART=Atrium, Restaurant, and Travel scenes, and we will make various efforts to welcome our guests and to be a presence that is sought after by society.



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1. Partnership/Community

Strengthening the connection between the company and social value creation Community symbiosis society



  • Creation of venues for arts and cultural activities

Park Hotel Tokyo aims to be a company needed by society, creates common values through the medium of art, and aims to play a role in supporting and contributing to artists. We participate in the annual art and culture event Minato Collection organized by Minato-ku, as well as holding ART in PARK HOTEL TOKYO (abbreviation AiPHT/ Hotel-style art fair of contemporary art) in the hotel with the cooperation of the ART OSAKA secretariat of the Association for the Promotion of Contemporary Art in Japan. By cooperating with many artists, curators, and galleries, we hold artwork exhibitions all year round in various locations inside the hotel, leading to additional value creation for the art world.

SDGs_parkhoteltokyo_coriddor_2 SDGs_parkhoteltokyo_corridor

Corridor galleries in PARK HOTEL TOKYO


  • Creation of opportunities for artists with disabilities and supporting their independence

As part of our social contribution activities, we hold a permanent exhibition in the corridor on the 32nd floor with the cooperation of the Paralym Art, Through this space based on art, in an environment that welcomes of course Japanese guests but also many foreigners visiting Japan, we provide a place for artists to practice their art continuously, and we seek to share their works with people from all over the world. The exhibition works can even be purchased, and we also placed a donations box in the exhibition venue. The vending machines for staff usage in the back yard, and inside the hotel, feature designs from works of Paralym Art. A part of the sales from those vending machines will go through the Paralym Art organization and be used to support independence and societal progress for artists.

Initiative to support disabled artists' activities
・Holding art exhibitions (all year round) featuring domestic and international works
・Art exhibitions and sales (part of the sales go to artists)
・Operating a donations box
・Donating part of the sales from vending machines inside the hotel
・Participating as a business collaborator in the Paralym Art World Cup


Paralym Art World Cup


Paralym Art exhibitions in PARK HOTEL TOKYO

Cooperated by the Paralym Art, which conducts art projects based on the philosophy of “creating a world where people with disabilities can achieve their dreams through art”.

  • Accommodating guests with disabilities

Park Hotel Tokyo, which has a reception on the 25th floor, is barrier-free and has universal room on the 27th floor. There are wheelchairs and cellular phone that can be rented for use inside the hotel, and check-in and check-out procedures can be handled in the guest rooms, so that guests with disabilities can stay in our Park Hotel Tokyo with peace of mind.

  • Omotenashi concierge on duty

The Omotenashi concierge, Park Hotel Tokyo’s hospitality specialists, will provide precise guidance according to each guest’s different needs, and a memorable hotel experience with Japanese aesthetics and hospitality to make your stay even more memorable.


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2. Creating a comfortable workplace

Promote work-style reform, Instill workplace policies, Improve guest satisfaction


  • In-House awards (Good Job、 Continuous Service)

The Good Job commendation is an initiative for recommending examples of good work that leaves an impression on staff members as a Good Job. Twice a year, several cases are awarded from among the many good works. This initiative started with the aim of fostering a culture of praise, and has evolved from making employees proud and rewarded for our work to being used as a tool for the realization of our management philosophy and behavioral guidelines. Staff who have worked for 10, 20, or 30 years are given the continuous service
awards. (Also leads to a reduction in turnover.)

In-House awards 2019

  • In-House training, Cultural/Art workshops, club activities, and Outside training

We have monthly training sessions for the next generation of leaders, book clubs to develop diverse and versatile staff that are not limited to the hotel, and club activities to broaden the scope of our skills and hobbies. Because Park Hotel Tokyo is specialized in art, we create opportunities for studying at museums and accommodations with art concepts. Starting in 2021, we are implementing the “hotel attractions learning program” for hotel employees. This plan sets up an opportunity for hotel employees to teach each other about ways to achieve both work satisfaction and improvement of customer satisfaction levels.
We also create opportunities to experience the Japanese tea ceremony to learn about the Japanese spirit of hospitality and to participate in seminars outside the company that will lead to our career advancement. These experiences lead to increased awareness and motivation, and we aim to improve not only as hotel staff but also as members of society.

  • Hiring foreign staff/Japanese language training

In recent years, we have hired foreign staff to support the increasing number of inbound visitors and to give our guests a sense of security when they come to Japan. We are working to create an environment where every staff can play an active role, regardless of nationality, age, or gender, and where we can improve our careers according to our abilities. We also provide Japanese language training to improve customer service skills.


As of July 2021 Foreign staff 
9 out of 64 staff
Spanish, British, Russian, Italian, Nepalese, Lithuanian, Canadian
  • Reduced hours system/Maternity and childcare leave system (for both men and women)

We try to promote an environment where all staff can work comfortably and support a balance between work and childcare. The introduction of this system also leads to the development of a diverse workforce.

  • Internship (currently suspended due to the coronavirus crisis)

In recent years, when it is said that there are not many people who want to work in the service industry, we are actively working to provide useful hands-on experience for college and university students to help them find future employment or enter the workforce. Our sister hotel, Shiba Park Hotel, also offers several days of hands-on experience for students from high schools, junior high schools and schools for the disabled.

  • Transitioning to an automated solution

In order to improve the efficiency and productivity of operations, check-in tablet device and a 24-hour foreign currency exchange machine were installed. Also, information on the art exhibition in the hotel is now available through QR codes. These initiatives have reduced the amount of time guests have to wait, relieved labor shortages, and reduced overtime. Increasing the time to serve guests in person creates job satisfaction.


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3. Environmental initiatives

Creation of shared values, Realization of a society symbiosis with nature, Creation of a recycling society Ethical consumption initiative that takes people, society, and the global environment into consideration


  • Environmentally friendly with plant-based ingredients

In guest rooms, we are offering THANN with over 95% plant and mineral-based ingredients as an amenity. And in the hotel entrance, guests are greeted with aromas made from 100% natural essential oils extracted from plants. The pleasant scent has a soothing psychological effect, while the plants’ natural neutralizing, deodorizing, antibacterial and antiviral properties are effective in purifying the air in the hotel. These efforts will lead to our safety and health improvement.

THANN (Bath amenities, Hand wash) 
・product does not use any mineral oil, parabens,  MIT,  dyes,  fragrances,  or animal ingredients
・product avoids animal testing
・product consists of over 95% plants and minerals


  • Water conservation

All guest rooms are equipped with water-saving toilets and the shower heads have been replaced with water-saving Hansgrohe ECO smart, which saves 20-30% water (depending on the floor.)

  • Paper resource countermeasures

Changing the materials used for hotel employees’ name cards to banana paper (currently being changed)
Banana paper is a fair trade paper made out of banana fibers taken from organic banana stems that used to be simply discarded until now, and then processed with Japanese papermaking techniques. This ethical paper is kind to the environment; creates employment for poor villages in Africa, supporting the independence of locals; and helps connect Africans and the biology living there with the world.

Payment slips, withholding tax forms, the internal newsletter issued four times a year, and the ART brand manual for staff have been replaced with a system for data distribution. This has led to a reduction in errors and workload, and an increase in the certainty and speed with which information is communicated to staff. (Work efficiency has also promoted a change in the way we work and also enabled staff to achieve a better work balance.)

SDGs_parkhoteltokyo_banana_paper_fair_trade SDGs_parkhoteltokyo_banana_paper_one_planet_cafe

PHOTO: One Planet Café

  • Measures to combat global warming

Reduction in the use of plastic products

To reduce carbon dioxide, one of the problems of global warming, we have eliminated the use of plastic straws and introduced paper straws and sugarcane straws in all of our hotel restaurants. We use WASARA paper cups made of bamboo and bagasse (sugarcane fiber), a biodegradable material, for beverage containers used in our hotel Executive Museum Lounge “Atrium” and at hotel events.

Currently changing paper straws to sugarcane straws
Sugarcane straws are made from bagasse (food residue byproduct from the sugarcane refining process) that used to be disposed of as an industrial waste material and PLA (polylactic acid), making them an upcycled product that is biodegradable with 100% natural ingredients.

Providing paper carton products for mineral water in guest rooms (currently being changed)
We are discontinuing the use of plastic bottles for mineral water in guest rooms and introducing paper products (made by Havary’s) instead. Havary’s products use FSC-certified recyclable paper materials, and can be 100% recycled in the process of letting paper be reborn as paper. Also, ¥1 is donated to a global nature conservation fund for each bottle sold.

SDGs_parkhoteltokyo_havarys_japan_natural_water   SDGs_parkhoteltokyo_FSC_logo

mineral water in guest rooms (made by Havary's) 
・uses FSC-certified recyclable paper materials
・100% recyclable to let paper be reborn as paper
・¥1 is donated to a global nature conservation fund for each bottle
・mineral-rich natural water from Saga, Kyushu

Reduction of about 17,000 plastic bottles annually (compared to 2019)

  • Promotion of LED

Up to 80% of the building’s lighting is LED, with the rest using energy-saving fluorescent bulbs. In the future, we will gradually replace all the lighting in the building with LEDs to contribute to the prevention of global warming.

LED conversion rate (as of September 2020)
Guest rooms ……  80%
Guest room corridor …… 100%
Restaurant (Inside) ……  95%
Restaurant (Kitchen) …… 100%
Office (25F) …… 100%
Office (24F) ……  40%


  • Rainforest Alliance Certified Products Coffee beans

All of the coffee offered in each restaurant uses products certified by the Rainforest Alliance. By proactively using coffee beans certified by the Rainforest Alliance, an international non-profit organization that works to preserve biodiversity and ensure sustainable living, we are helping to protect the global environment and support producers in developing countries. This coffee is an international fair trade product that is certified to provide an adequate price to producers under long-term contracts, in a safe working environment, and with proper environmental conservation of the producing area.

  • Thorough recycling of valuable resources

Waste oil from restaurant kitchens including cooking oil, plastic bottles, and aluminum cans, are collected by recycling companies for recycling or to be further subdivided and disposed of.

  • Call for eco-cleaning

Guests staying two nights or more are encouraged to skip the bed sheet change if they wish to help the environment by minimizing the use of organic detergents and other chemicals generated by the cleaning process.


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4. Health and safety

Ensuring safety and security

  • Accommodate food allergies/restrictions

The hotel serves guests from all over the world and has a large number of international staff. Some of our guests and staff have food allergies and restrictions due to their religious beliefs or health needs, so we offer multiple menu configurations to accommodate them flexibly.

  • Entire hotel is non-smoking

To prevent second-hand smoking and protect health, all guest rooms in Park Hotel Tokyo have been non-smoking since 2014.

  • Fire drills and evacuation drills

To strengthen and maintain sustainability in case of disasters and accidents, we support monthly disaster drills, an annual firefighting examination, and training and certification of fire prevention managers, self-defense firefighting skills test, and disaster prevention center personnel. As the hotel has many guests from abroad, we also conduct disaster drills in English.

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