Art Hotel in Tokyo

Where Every Stay is a Masterpiece

Unveiling Japan's Artistry in Tokyo's Creative Retreat

The art hotel by Park Hotel Tokyo

Discover an escape into a world where contemporary art and serene hospitality blend seamlessly at Tokyo at Park Hotel Tokyo where a rich tapestry of contemporary Japanese artistry awaits on each floor. We invite you to wander through our collection and witness the unique perspectives of Japanese artisans through art.

Story of concept

Stay Experience


As dusk descends, let the breathtaking cityscape be your backdrop as you unwind with a glass of wine in hand. Your journey of artistic exploration doesn't end at the gallery; it continues in each of our artist rooms, with the vibrant essence of Japan’s unique artists weaving through every stroke on the wall.



Guest Rooms & Suites

Park Hotel Tokyo's rooms and Signature Suites are elevated urban sanctuaries blending a contemporary design with a dynamic view of Rooms the Tokyo city skyline for an unparalleled stay in during your visit to Japan.


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“Infinite Time and Space Amid Cognizant Japanese Beauty”

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