Corridor Galley 26


Time: 11:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Admission: Free
Location: Corridor Gallery 26, Park Hotel Tokyo (26F)

This is a diverse exhibition featuring works by up-and-coming young artists and also incorporating the fields of traditional crafts and antiques. Also on permanent display will be “our friendship” (212x152cm), a large-scale work by Mago Nagasaka, who, under the banner of sustainable capitalism, creates artworks by reusing electronic waste illegally dumped by developed countries in the slums of Ghana. Please enjoy the curation of CINQ ARTS, which “creates a sustainable society through art.”

Mago Nagasaka

our friendship
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Mago Nagasaka

Mago Nagasaka

Mago was born in 1984. He started an apparel company, but it went bankrupt after one year. Having a huge debt, he began creating paintings along the streets of Shinjuku in 2009. After that, he created paintings and continued to sell them to galleries. In 2015, he held his first solo exhibition in Shanghai, China. In June 2017, he visited Agbogbloshie, a slum in Ghana, and encountered people who made their living by burning electrical machinery that advanced countries, including Japan, had thrown away. Using funds raised from the sales of his works, he has delivered more than 1,000 gas masks to Ghana up to now. In 2018, he established “MAGO ART AND STUDY”, the slum’s first school. In August 2019, when he visited Agbogbloshie for the fifth time, he stayed there for 53 days and established “MAGO E-Waste Museum”, the slum’s first cultural facility. He did that for the sake of the inhabitants’ new hopes and lives. Emmy Award-winning director Kern Konwiser pursued the path taken by Mago and produced the documentary film “Still A Black Star”. The film won awards of excellence in four categories of the Impact Docs Award, a documentary film award in the United States. Preparations are underway for the film’s release.

Earthly desires exhibition

Earthly desires exhibition
Period January 29 (Mon.) – March 30 (Sat.), 2024
Artists Nao Morigo / Naoko Geirin / Takuma Tanaka
Curated by CINQ ARTS Nao Higashimura

Bonno (earthly desire) is a Buddhist term that refers to “the workings of the mind that vex and bother the body and mind.” All delusions and desires that cling to the mind and stir the mind are seen as the cause of human suffering, and the word “earthly desire” is associated with a negative image. But what about the artist? Isn’t it a more powerful driving force than anything else in the creation process? It is a strong desire that cannot help but be expressed. In this exhibition, three artists will sublimate their own earthly desires into their own works of art.


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