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Park Hotel Tokyo & ART colours

Based on the concept of “Infinite time and space amid cognizant Japanese beauty”, Park Hotel Tokyo has been making efforts so that our guests can experience Japanese aesthetics in each scene of ART (Atrium, Restaurant, and Travel). As part of our initiatives, we hold series of art exhibition “ART colours” at the Atrium to welcome our guests with hospitality in the form of “arrangement”. The exhibition will be held throughout spring, summer, autumn, and winter, it is an exhibition of artworks with a sense of the season that is delicate with time and space.

Since ancient times, Japan has been a country rich in nature and has sharply reflected the changes of seasons, such as the changing nature landscapes, plants, festivals, traditional arts and culture. Along with feeling the beauty of the season, the enjoyment, the harshness of the seasons, a spirit of loving nature was born and the aesthetic sense peculiar to Japanese has been nurtured.

Known as the most popular tea master who developed the culture of tea ceremony, Sen-no-Rikyu left the words “Cool in summer, warm in winter”. It is a manifestation of the feelings of how to entertain guests along with the ever changing nature, and it can be said that is is the spirit of hospitality.

We welcome you with the hospitality of the four seasons in a relaxing time and space like an art museum, feeling the Japanese seasons and culture through art.

Vol. 35 2020 winter – 2021 Spring Exhibition


We will present the exhibition of “shapes of Element” by C-DEPOT working on the philosophy of “ART=Diversity.”
“Element” has a meaning of “elements that form the whole” and is a term used to refer to the forces of nature such as the earth, wind, fire, and water that are familiar to our lives. The ancient indigenous aesthetic sense…


“Infinite Time and Space Amid Cognizant Japanese Beauty”

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