In Japan, there’s a saying, “Enjoy the cool breeze”. It means, “by fanning yourself with a cool breeze, you can bear the heat, or cool off”. It’s also used when not speaking about actual body sensations. For example, by hanging a picture of snow in the middle of summer, gazing at an aquarium, looking through something transparent like glass and feeling the ice, or feeling something cool with your eyes and ears, you can take your mind off the heat. This is part of the Japanese people’s wisdom handed down from ancient times, and is a way of enjoying summer.
In this edition of ART colors, we bring the wisdom of our forebears to life, and try to “Enjoy the cool breeze with art”. Here, we mainly feature 6 artists who are on the art scene today: Rieko Fujinami, Junji Yamada、Yumeka Fujita, Aiko Sakamoto, Toru Tohiguchi, and Kanako Watanabe.
The Atrium, laid out around an open space, and giving you a feeling of freedom which you can onlyexperience at the Park Hotel Tokyo, invites you to enjoy the cool breeze with your eyes, and experience the Japanese summer with your ears and taste buds too.

Vol. 10 2014 Summer Exhibition

Period: June 2 (Mon.) – August 31 (Sun.), 2014
Hours: 11:30 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.
Location: 25F
Admission: Free

[Cooperated by] Shinobazu Gallery
[Produced by] Creativecreative unit moon
[Video Produced by] antymark


Junji Yamada  |  Rieko Fujinami  |  Yumeka Fujita  |  Aiko Sakamoto  |  Toru Tohiguchi  |  Kanako Watanabe

Art Works

soup "Paris Soir"


Period: 2014. 6/2(Mon) – 6/30 (Mon)
Price: Provided as a dish of the 6,800 yen dinner course (tax and service charge included)

Profile of Artist

Raw Fish: Pike Conger

Head Chef Motomichi Sekiguchi

Period: 2014. 6/2(Mon) – 8/31 (Sun)
Price: 3,801yen (tax and service charge included)

Profile of Artist

~White Tiramisu with ice cream & tea or coffee~

Period: 2014. 6/2(Mon) – 8/31 (Sun)
Price: 1,800yen (tax and service charge included)

White Summer

Chief Cocktail Designer Takayuki Suzuki

Period: 2014. 6/2(Mon) – 8/31 (Sun)
Price: 1,500yen (tax and service charge included)

Profile of Artist

“Infinite Time and Space Amid Cognizant Japanese Beauty”

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