Stylish Japanese Women Exhibition

| Kiyoko Abe | Masayoshi Nakamura | Hand-painted ukiyo-e |

This “Art Colors” features Japanese women. Entitled “Stylish Women”, the exhibition focuses on hand-painted “ukiyo-e” from the Edo era and images of women drawn by modern artists. “Stylish” is a term that was used in the Edo era, and means “as elegant as you want to be”, or “extremely elegant”. The fashion leaders of that time were geishas and courtesans. The courtesans of Yoshiwara dressed themselves in gorgeous clothes, paying attention to every detail like the pattern on their kimono, make-up and hair ornaments. They were an object of adoration to the people of Edo, who loved new things.
Present-day artist Kiyoko Abe, herself a mother and a woman, paints women while dealing with the struggles of daily life, and expresses the heart of modern people as her motif. Also on exhibit will be maiko (apprentice geisha) painted by Masayoshi Nakamura, an artist from the Showa era. Please enjoy the caricatures of city women through the ages who were not only gorgeous, but also dignified, and this lively winter time at the Park Hotel Atrium.

Vol. 8 2014 Winter Exhibition

Period: December 9 (Mon.), 2013 – February 23 (sun.), 2014
Hours: 11:30 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.
Location: 25F
Admission: Free

[Cooperated by] Hagurodo, Shinobazu Gallery
[Produced by] creative unit moon
[Video Produced by] antymark

Art Works

Syuneijo Katsukawa
Young geisha walking
Edo period 88.5×29.8cm
Hand-painted ukiyo-e
Young geisha walking
Kiyoko Abe
Nine sisters "Jikoku"
2013 187×80cm
Nine sisters "Jikoku"

“Infinite Time and Space Amid Cognizant Japanese Beauty”

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