-Winter Festival-

Wakako Kawakami Exhibition

Large read and white parrot installations are swooping down upon Park Hotel Tokyo!

With winter’s cold embrace, the streets fill with a crisp air making for the year’s most vividly splendid season. At our Tokyo Shiodome hotel in celebration of the arrival of winter’s sunny weather, a flock of cute artwork parrots decorated in Japan’s traditionally auspicious colors, red and white, will gather in the lounge.

Displaying her creations are Wakako Kawakami, an artist that since making her debut in the 90’s has caused a stir in the art world with her numerous large-scale installations. In recent years, she has continued to produce striking installations such as filling galleries with life-sized artwork parrots and making flocks of parrots suddenly appear in parks and the spaces between buildings. Popular with both adults and children, Kawakami’s parrot art provides more than something to be seen and experienced doubling as an impressive and crowd-pleasing photo backdrop.

Why not celebrate Christmas and New Year this winter together with Kawakami’s artwork parrots!

Vol. 15 2015-2016 Winter Exhibition

Period: December 14 (Mon.), 2015 – February 14 (Sun.), 2016
Hours: 11:30 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.
Location: 25F
Admission: Free

[Cooperated by] Patron Project
[Special Support by] Orlane Japon Inc.
[Produced by] creative unit moon
[Video Produced by] antymark annex

Art Works

Anglerfish roast with red pepper in a americaine sauce

by Executive Chef TATERU YOSHINO

Period: 29 Nov. 2015(Sun)-25 Dec. 2015(Fri)
Price: Provided as a dish of the 10,000 yen course (tax and service charge included)

Profile of Artist

Sliced yellowtail and tuna Sashimi with red turnip

by Head Chef Motomichi Sekiguchi

Period: 1 Dec. 2015(Tue)-31 Jan. 2016(Sun)
Price: 3,326yen (tax and service charge included)

Profile of Artist

Strawberry Mille crepe and Timbale Élysée

Period: 14 Dec. 2015(Mon)-14 Feb. 2016(Sun)
◆Tea time (14:30-17:00) 1,800yen (tax and service charge included) 
◆Dinner time(17:30-22:00) 1,200yen (tax and service charge included)

My little mary

by Chief Cocktail Designer Takayuki Suzuki

Period: 14 Dec. 2015(Mon)-14 Feb. 2016(Sun)
Price: 1,500yen (tax and service charge included)

Profile of Artist

“Infinite Time and Space Amid Cognizant Japanese Beauty”

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