Corridor Gallery 30

Laissez-faire Exhibition

Corridor Gallery 30, located on 30th floor of the hotel, is a permanent exhibition by Park Hotel Tokyo and gallery UG, who are focusing on expanding overseas as well as domestically while facing each artists.

Gallery UG is actively making provisions of materials and creating an environment so that the artists are able to concentrate on their artwork, and so the artists create art that freely expresses their feelings freely draw with their own pure impulses and feelings that rise from the inside. By confronting art, people think about what life is like “what is freedom” and “what is richness”. Please enjoy having a dialogue with art that was born boho while making your own questions.

Laissez-faire Exhibition

Time:11:00 ~ 17:00

Place:Corridor Gallery 30 (30F)

“Infinite Time and Space Amid Cognizant Japanese Beauty”

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