C-DEPOT Shapes of Element

We will present the exhibition of “shapes of Element” by C-DEPOT working on the philosophy of “ART=Diversity.”
“Element” has a meaning of “elements that form the whole” and is a term used to refer to the forces of nature such as the earth, wind, fire, and water that are familiar to our lives. The ancient indigenous aesthetic sense of Japan has been found from such natural conditions and the changes of the four seasons.
In this exhibition, the artists who has expressed the beauty of substances and phenomena that shape the natural world through their own sensibilities will express the feeling of the season as the flowers bloom and calm spring shifts from the winter when the dead trees blow.
We hope you will experience the “Shapes of Element” created by each artist with all five senses through the encounter with the work.

Profile of C-DEPOT
C-DEPOT is a group of about 100 artists who produce work in various genres including painting, three-dimensional work, video, photography and media arts. The group was born in 2002 to express the awareness of contemporary issues shared by artists of the same generation from their perspectives.
Based of the philosophy of “ART=Diversity”, we continue to create a bridge between the artists and society, and propose and put into practice through independent activities how to return the compensation earned through expression activities to society.

Vol. 35 2020 winter – 2021 Spring Exhibition

Period: November 30 (Mon.), 2020 – June 6 (Sun.), 2021
Hours: 11:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.
Location: Atrium (25F)
Addmission: Free

[Curated by] Fuyama Art
[Designed by] Design Studio PHT
[Video Produced by] antymark annex
[Organized by] Park Hotel Tokyo


Sayaka Urabe  |  Miho Kitaoku  |  Yukari Suematsu  |  Sato Sugamoto  |  Asuka Tsutsumi  |  MATHRAX  |  Sanae Yanagi

Art Works

Two flowers / 花二輪
–    Sayaka Urabe    –
Sofa baby Sheep
–    Miho Kitaoku    –
in full of bloom by now / きっと今頃
–    Yukari Suematsu    –
–    Sato Sugamoto    –
kokeshi,laughing hard
–    Asuka Tsutsumi    –
–    MATHRAX    –
Shine / ソレイユ
–    Sanae Yanagi    –

Cocktail “Landscape”


JPY 2,300 * Tax and service charge included
Period: March 1st to June 6th

Forest vodka / Heavy cream / White chocolate / Spare mint / Matcha
Tofu skin / Pistachio

Winter, formerly referred to as the season of death.
Spring, which arrives upon surmounting winter, is the season when new life buds.
The trees begin to breathe, and greenness begins to return to the forests.
This is not only forms an image of gorgeous cherry blossoms; it blends to form a gentle, yet strong cocktail of spring.

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High Tea


JPY 4,000 per person, available from 2 persons * Tax and service charge included
Period: March 1st to May 30th

We prepared dishes with the springtime of mother earth especially in mind, and had the images of the elements of fire, earth, wind, and water manifested through bagna càuda (earth) made with spring vegetables, red sea bream and bamboo shoot papillote dressed with the citrus flavor of spring sudachi (wind), and grilled beef fillet (fire).

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Jelly gathering of white asparagus

By Head Chef Motomichi Sekiguchi

Period: March 1st to April 8th

The colors of the four elements of fire (red), earth (green), wind (yellow), and water (blue) are expressed in this dish through the usage of in-season asparagus, canola flower, and sweet tomatoes served together on a single platter.

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Carillon of rhino


Artwork Recommended by OMOTENASHI Concierge Asuka Shiraki

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By Miho Kitaoku

Artwork Recommended by OMOTENASHI Concierge Kanae Takasawa

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By Sanae Yanagi

Artwork Recommended by OMOTENASHI Concierge Ieva Valuckaite

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By Sayaka Urabe

Artwork Recommended by Reception Saori Sugihara

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Towards Vibrancy

By Sato Sugamoto

Artwork Recommended by Reception Ikumi Mukouyama

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At fruitful moment, play, everything

By Asuka Tsutsumi

Artwork Recommended by OMOTENASHI Concierge Kenta Yamada

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Only a way to go

By Yukari Suematsu

Artwork Recommended by Reception Elvira Kataranova

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“Infinite Time and Space Amid Cognizant Japanese Beauty”

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