No.4 by Kiyoko Abe

The 4th room, with the theme of “Dragon”, was created when the artist Kiyoko Abe stayed in our hotel for 10 days from 11th January to 21st January.
Looking out over Tokyo Tower from the huge window, the Dragon floats in.
Taking the walls of the room as if they were a horizontal sheet of paper, she painted the story of the natural world.
She says: “I want guests who stay in this room with its wonderful view, to view the panorama of modern Japanbeneath their eyes, while at the same time realizing that people have lived, and are now living, in the raw world of Nature”.
The Dragon flying all over the room symbolizes the energy of Nature, and she hopes that this room (= space) will come alive with the Dragon’s energy.

Room #3112  |  Completion Date: January 2014

Artist's Message

A Marriage with Nature

I have been studying how to express people’s will for a long time. I have often observed the fact that the human heart has the same dynamics as the law of natural phenomena or the laws of Creation. Nature and the Creation are both a threat and a benefit to humans, and everybody is living with this history. So, I thought I would express the relation between human beings and nature, and the feeling of the Japanese toward Nature, in this room.

I think the feeling of the Japanese toward Nature is that of dignified coexistence and respect. In order to create a room where you can experience this, natural dignity is portrayed by a dragon, which represents the Creation, and the dignity of a human being who confronts the dragon is denoted by a girl’s figure as a symbol of pure hope.
This confrontation is just like a marriage with pleasure and pain as companions.
The dragon was regarded as the energy of Nature itself, and in this room which is filled with this image, I hoped to create a space which will stimulate you.

It would be ideal if those who stay in this room, with its scenic view, and while looking out over modern-day Japan, enjoy the drama that people have lived and are living which is unfolding in the midst of Nature, while ensconced in the bosom of the dragon which entered nimbly from outside the window.

Kiyoko Abe

“Infinite Time and Space Amid Cognizant Japanese Beauty”

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