No. 8 by Nanami Ishihara

For the 8th “Artist in Hotel Project” where an entire room is decorated by an artist, during about 1 1/2 months from 4th June to 22nd July, the artist Nanami Ishihara took the concept of “Festival” as her theme.
Ishihara says: “I wanted to paint a festival that never ends”. And just like its title “Festival”, the room has become alive.
From the walls to the ceiling, people and animals are crowded together. Rabbits, elephants, gods and high school girls are all dancing in the festival on a red background.
In the closet, there’s a painting of a “Happi Coat”, while an air vent is fashioned into the mouth of a dancing lion – the playfulness of the artist is everywhere.
The artist painted the room with the sincere wish that those who visited it would be reborn.

Staff recommendation comment

“Matsuri” is the Japanese word for “Festival”, which is usually held at certain times of the year such as in summer or during the change of seasons. It derives from the deep connection the Japanese have with nature and is distinguished by a triumph of color, joy, dances, street food and music. In Artist Room “Festival”, the artist Nanami Ishihara wanted the guests to enjoy a Festival that never ends. Indeed, when you enter this room which is one of the most colorful, you feel surrounded and encased by the power and warmth of the images of animals, mythological creatures and dancing figures. A feature that really impressed me is that every part of the wall of this room is completely painted and nothing is left blank, from the floor to the ceiling, in every nook and cranny. Creatures like elephants, dragons, tigers or octopuses are shown as friendly and characters such as schoolgirls in typical Japanese uniforms and people wearing funny masks make a strong impact as soon as you enter the room.
If you feel like celebrating the joy of life while being encircled and connected by bright colors, Artist Room Queen “Festival” is the perfect room for you!

Room #3128  |  Completion Date: July 2014

Artist's Message

Extraordinary or ordinary, everyday or special.
When I travel, I always feel the destination is special.
It’s a special day, so my heart beats faster.
A very special day, a festival.
I felt the thrill of traveling to this place resonated
with the excitement of the festival.
And I wanted the festival to never end.
I thought I would paint this never-ending festival.

I hope you enjoy the fleeting happiness of the joyous festival in this room.

Nanami Ishihara

“Infinite Time and Space Amid Cognizant Japanese Beauty”

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