Geisha Goldfish

No.9 by Aki Narita

The 9th room, “Geisha Goldfish”, was started by the Japanese artist Aki Narita on 30th July 2014, and completed it on 13th February 2015.
Ms. Narita says, “When I looked out of the window, I felt like I was inside an aquarium”. In this project, she took up the challenge of painting the wallpaper in oil paints as if a guest room was an aquarium. During 7 months, she painted red goldfish not only on the walls but also on the ceiling. Bewitching goldfish playing in your room like they were floating in an aquarium, dressed like geishas. The goldfish swimming freely here and there give you a strange feeling of floating. She painted this thinking that in ancient times, a dream of being in a room surrounded by famous goldfish like lucky charms would bring good luck to the customers who stayed there.
The dream you will have here is like a suggestion of a parallel world, or a premonition. I hope you dream a beautiful dream of “geisha goldfish” in this Artist room.


Staff recommendation comment

Artist, Ms. Aki Narita, uses goldfish to create an illusion of being in a parallel world; a bright and colorful aquarium inhabited by Geishas and goldfishes.
The first time I entered the room, the dark walls of the entrance reminded me of a seabed, populated by algae and small fishes, whose trail leads to the center of the aquarium’s life. Standing there, I felt as if I was floating, and all the goldfishes around me came to life, swimming on the walls and ceiling.
My favorite part of the room is a small detail that remains hidden until you pull aside the curtains of the window. On the upper left side, two goldfishes seem to be floating between Tokyo Tower and Mount Fuji. It seemed to me as if their presence was there to imply that not only the room, but also the outside world could be an aquarium.
Inside the room the Geishas mingle among the goldfishes, and if you look closely at the pattern of the red kimonos, you will see how their movements and radiant colors look alike. It made me wonder if the Geishas are nothing more than goldfishes in disguise.
Dreaming of goldfish has been considered an omen of good luck, symbolizing the possibility that in the near future one’s wishes will come true. Ms. Aki Narita, hopes that this room will bring dreams full of goldfishes and good luck to the customers.

Room #3107  |  Completion Date: February 2015

Artist's Message

Goldfish, Dream Interpretation

  • If a goldfish appeared in your dreams, it’s a nice premonition that your fortunes will be taking a turn for the better.
  • If you saw many goldfish swimming, it’s very uplifting both to your mind and body, and it portends that, suddenly, the fog will lift and you can do anything you want.
  • Also, if you are conscious of the water in which the goldfish are swimming, it will lead you to something important that can’t be seen or touched. If the water’s clear, it’s like you are wandering in the world of the seventh sense (beyond the sixth sense), whereas if it’s cloudy, let’s go to the beer hall!
  • If you had a dream that you got a goldfish, caught it, or scooped it up with a net or your hands, it’s a lucky sign of innovative creativity and inspiration, and that you are going to meet somebody wonderful! Let’s just start preparing for our departure.
  • If you had a dream of Ranchu, it’s a sign that it aroused your unconscious emotions to release you, bring you unexpected happiness, and bewitch you helplessly……

Reality is an illusion, and dreams at night must be true / Ranpo Edogawa

Aki Narita

“Infinite Time and Space Amid Cognizant Japanese Beauty”

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