As part of “Artist in Hotel Project”, the Private room of Japanease restaurant Hanasanshou on the 25th floor was also decorated by artwork, with a painting by the artist Calligrapher MAMI.

“Iroha”, a traditional Japanese poem that has been popular since ancient times, is expressed as a wisteria trellis using letters. Wisteria trellises are in places where people gather and relax. As wisteria blossoms look similar to the ears of rice, it is considered a symbol of good luck for a bountiful harvest. Written with the hope that people can enjoy Kaiseki cuisine (which has formal image like its Kanji character) in a relaxing atmosphere (like the Hiragana character, a relaxed style). For seven days, “Iroha Uta” was continuously written over 21 layers, created by strings of letters of various sizes and colors. Please enjoy the solidity and the balance of the blank space.

Room #25F Hanasanshou - Japanese restaurant private room  |  Completion Date: 2022,08

“Infinite Time and Space Amid Cognizant Japanese Beauty”

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