Japanese People

No. 26 by Osamu Nakajima

The 26th Artist Room on the theme of “The Daily Life of the Japanese People”, which was started by artist Osamu Nakajima on August 8, 2016, continued the work while staying at the hotel and commuting to and from it, and completed it on August 24, 2016.

“I believe that no matter what the era, people will always create their own ‘daily lives,'” says Nakajima. Bringing a massive archive of sketches that he had accumulated to the hotel, he performed an inspection of the room, checking the sizes of the walls, the design balance of the furniture, and the way light filters in. Then he carefully selected scenarios and materials, and painted directly onto the walls in an anthology format.

There are scenes from inside a train, at a school, at a train station, people who just happened to be in the same place as Nakajima. Some are staring down at their smartphones, while others are waiting for someone. The scene depicting a yose (vaudeville theater) which Nakajima frequents is also a part of this tapestry of daily life. There are no recompositions, it is just life as it was seen. These wall paintings portray the modern lives of Japanese people, without fabrication. In this room, we hope you can enjoy the beauty of Japan, in the form of the everyday – perhaps the most radical form of such beauty.

At the Park Hotel Tokyo, we strive to ever improve the hotel experience for our guests from overseas, and endeavor to provide enhanced satisfaction from the two fronts, the service and the hardware.

Staff recommendation comment

What kind of image do you have of the Japanese people?
Overseas, Japanese people are often thought to be serious, polite, and sensitive. The Artist Room we are going to introduce today, “Japanese People”, is a room that depicts the daily life as they really are. According to the artist, Osamu Nakajima, he drew what he saw, and the entire room is filled with scenes of Sakuragicho Station in Yokohama showing persons shopping, walking, sitting in trains and other moments that seem to have been cut out of our daily lives. Art is often flashy and innovative in design; the Artist Rooms at the Park Hotel Tokyo also have many eccentric and impactful designs. However, this room, while simple, has a distinctly different atmosphere from the others and is filled with the care and delicacy that only Japanese can provide.
It is a luxury to stay in a hotel to enjoy the extraordinary, but when you stay in this room, we wish you to feel the ordinary life as it is while looking down at the night view.

Room #3124  |  Completion Date: August 2016

Artist's Message

I get on the train, go to the public square, and peek in the shops.
There are people living their lives there.
Most of them are Japanese.
And those are the people living with me.

At some point, life changed.
Now we’re surrounded by mobile phones and smartphones,
while cassette tapes and laserdiscs have disappeared.

I painted what I saw.
If the things I painted didn’t look the same, they wouldn’t
mean anything else.
I didn’t paint them well.

Japan, at some time in the 21st-century.
The people in my eye.

Osamu Nakajima

“Infinite Time and Space Amid Cognizant Japanese Beauty”

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