No. 24 by OZ – Yamaguchi Keisuke

The 24th Artist Room on the theme of “Kabuki”, which was started by artist OZ – Yamaguchi Keisuke on June 20, 2016, continued the work for 16 days while staying at the hotel, and completed it on July 5, 2016.

“I feel the “beauty of Japan” has, since ancient times, continued to live on in the essence of everything Japanese, such as thought, faith, culture and art”, says OZ – Yamaguchi Keisuke. The art on the wall is created based on “Yanone”, an auspicious program usually performed in Kabuki shows during the New Year and captures the beauty of Japanese culture which encompasses ambiguity and reality.

Created using graceful, flowing circles and curves, the drawing of the horse on the wall gives a vibrant and dynamic feel to the room. The artist has used a bold composition consisting of only arms and legs to express the movement of Kabuki. Its sense of presence is effectively conveyed through the circles drawn to conceal reality. The bright red color stands out from the soft-colored wall. In contrast, drawn lightly on the opposite side of the bed are plums used as Kabuki props. When you open the closet, you will be greeted by sullen-faced Joruri whose singing voices seem almost audible even today. In addition, another highlight of this room is its bathroom. Soaking in the bath while enjoying the impressive painting is definitely a first-class experience.

Enjoy an eccentric stay at the Artist Room Kabuki.


Staff’s recommendation of Artist Room

Have you ever been to a Kabuki performance?
Kabuki is a traditional Japanese performing art that is well-known among both Japanese and foreigners. Yet, only about 20 out of every 100 Japanese have seen it, which is a smaller percentage than expected. The reason for this is that people feel that watching Kabuki is too complicated.  Artist Room King Kabuki is based on the theme of Kabuki. This room is by the artist OZ – Yamaguchi Keisuke, who stayed at the hotel for 16 days while creating it. Japanese beauty is depicted on the walls with the motif of ” Yanone,” often performed at the New Year’s performance of Kabuki and considered a celebratory performance. When you hear the word “Kabuki,” you probably imagine performers in unique costumes. However, there are no people painted in this room. Instead, dynamic horse and human limbs are painted in a bold composition to express the movements of Kabuki. The bathroom is also worthy of your attention when you stay in Artist Room King Kabuki. Among the many Artist Rooms, there are only a few that have paintings even in the bathroom. Artist Room King Kabuki is even more special. When staying in Artist Room King Kabuki, please take your time to soak in the bathtub and relax while enjoying the unique atmosphere of the dynamic Kabuki.

Room #3133  |  Completion Date: July 2016

Artist's Message

Kabuki, typical of the art and culture of Japan.
It is said that it comes from the Japanese word “kabuku”, signifying flashy costumes and behavior outside the norm – an unusual state of being.
I feel the “beauty of Japan” has, since ancient times, continued to live on in the essence of everything Japanese, such as thought, faith, culture and art. Its form may be ambiguous as the gods lurking in all things, but its presence has a reality too. I think this is one way of expressing something out of the ordinary, which is denoted by the word “kabuku”.

While focusing my thoughts on “Kabuki”, I expressed its dual nature, ambiguity and reality, as seen through my eyes. I hope you enjoy this world of OZ, which awaits you beyond after you open the door.

OZ – Yamaguchi Keisuke

“Infinite Time and Space Amid Cognizant Japanese Beauty”

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