Yumi Hosaka

The 41st artist room was created by artist Yumi Hosaka. The production is completed on March, 2024.

Room #3404  |  Completion Date: 2024.03

Artist's Message

Japanese painters have long captured the humorous aspects of various things and expressed them in paintings, woodblock print, and original drawing of ukiyoe.
Even today, characters are commonplace in the streets and exist in our daily lives without any sense of discomfort.
Perhaps this sense of “kawaii” is a uniquely Japanese sensation, and the softness with which we love them also represents Japan, which is why I chose it as my theme.

As I painted the walls of the guest room, I also emphasized the importance of comfort. I wanted to create a room that would make guests feel comfortable and relaxed, with a warm texture and delicacy like the murals that are an expression of my own artwork. And I think the room turned out exactly as I wanted. There are animals in various places, so please enjoy the room as if you were looking for them.

“Infinite Time and Space Amid Cognizant Japanese Beauty”

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