Otafuku Face

No.16 by Aki Kondo

The artist Aki Kondo started on pruduction of “Otafuku Face (=moonfaced woman) ” on May 7th, 2015, continued work for 9 days while she stayed in the hotel, and completed it on May 15th, 2015.

She says: “I felt that the whole beauty of Japan was within the “Otafuku Face”. When a guest enters the room, the first thing that catches their eye is the smiling face of the woman. And: “She’s also called a “beauty with five virtues”. By painting the face of this humble, demure woman which was a good example to ancient Japanese, she expressed the beauty of the heart of the Japanese people. On the opposite wall, she painted a graceful plum tree, loved by the Japanese, which actually extends up to the ceiling. This plum tree which cradles the bed is full of vigor when viewed from afar, but reveals fine detail close-up – a totally different impression.
The beauty of ancient Japan and warmth which you see in the “Otafuku Face” painted in this room looks out on Tokyo Tower, an icon that symbolizes modern Tokyo.
We hope you enjoy the beauty of Japan proposed by Aki Kondo, in the “Otafuku Face” artist room.

Staff recommendation comment

When you enter this room the first thing you see is this popular figure in Japanese folk tales often illustrated with large cheeks and a joyful smile. Otafuku is said to be one of the five virtues of beauty because she is gentle, sober, polite, quiet, and modest.
By depicting the face of the Otafuku, which has been used as a role model for people since ancient times, this room expresses the beauty of the Japanese mind, such as modesty and humility.

On the opposite wall, the plum tree, loved by the Japanese for its modest and quiet appearance, is dynamically painted with acrylic paint not only on the wall but also on the ceiling. The plum tree, which wraps around the bed, looks powerful from a distance and delicate up close, each one with a different expression.

When you lie in bed and look at the ceiling, you may be a little surprised to see the smiling face of Otafuku peeking out at you. When you look through the mirror next to the TV at your bed, you may feel as if the Otafuku is looking at you wherever you are. However, if you spend some time with Otafuku and look at her from different places, you will become attached to her various expressions. The inside of the closet is also decorated with a picture of a traditional Japanese game called “fukuwarai,” which is sure to tickle your playful side.

When the weather is bad, or you are not feeling well, I think Artist Room Otafuku Face will cheer you up.

Why don’t you make memories with Artist Room Otafuku Face, a room of the beauty of five virtues, that once you enter, you will never forget?

Room #3105  |  Completion Date: 2015.05

Artist's Message

A “Otafuku Face (=moonfaced woman)” is a beauty with five virtues.Her wide brow means generosity.
Her round cheeks signify broad-mindedness, her eyes gaze at all things gently, her mouth is always smiling, and her flat nose means she is humble.
In old Japanese culture, a “Otafuku Face” was the most virtuous, and was an example for people to follow.
The beauty of Japan I propose is kindness in the face of a “Otafuku”.

Aki Kondo

“Infinite Time and Space Amid Cognizant Japanese Beauty”

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