Satoyama Landscapes

No. 18 by Kana Ito

The artist Kana Ito started work on the “Satoyama Landscapes” in the 18th room in the series on 2nd June, 2015, and completed it on 20th June, 2015.
“I wanted to create a world which would fill the guests with calm” said Ms. Ito. In a room in the Shimbashi area, looking out onto a cluster of buildings in the middle of the city, the scenery of Japan’s Satoyama Landscapes is drawn, depicting people living in harmony with nature, the changing seasons unfolding like a picture scroll being unrolled. With its gentle, familiar colors, stepping into the completed room is rather like walking into a picture book.
Inside a closet to the left, just as you enter the room, is a field of rape blossoms. Then, on the walls, there’s a rice field that’s just been freshly planted. If you continue to the right, the rice grows, and we see a scene of the changing seasons, with windows sandwiched in between. With autumn come hanging, golden-colored heads of rice. Each wall depicts a different season, but whichever one you look at, you can’t miss the distinctive plants and animals of “Satoyama Landscapes”. Spring rape blossoms, swallows, tadpoles. Summer frogs, ants. The autumn cosmos, sparrows and winter foxes. Also, the artist wanted to depict the summer nights on the ceiling, so when the lights are turned off, you can see fireflies and the Milky Way in glowing fluorescent paint. In Artist Room Satoyama Landscapes, have a relaxing stay, while searching for Japan’s seasons in the walls.

Room #3114  |  Completion Date: June 2015

Artist's Message

“Satoyama landscapes” means the Japanese countryside, where people live in harmony with nature.
I painted “Satoyama landscapes” through the four seasons – spring, summer, autumn and winter.
I created this world so that guests can experience calm and tranquility.
In “Satoyama landscapes”, you can lie down and relax….
In “Satoyama landscapes”, you can have a picnic…
You can look for all sorts of animals, birds and insects gathered here.
When you open the curtains, take a look at the urban landscape from the tranquility of “Satoyama landscapes”.
I hope you will enjoy the experience in this way.

Kana Ito

“Infinite Time and Space Amid Cognizant Japanese Beauty”

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