No.35 by Koki Tsujimoto

The 35th artist room was created by artist Koki Tsujimoto. The production is completed on August 1st, 2023.
Rather than creating something new and unprecedented, I work with the concept of reinterpreting objects and events that are familiar in Japan from long ago. Using pop colors, I express contemporary and new Japanese paintings focusing on ancient lucky charms and unique new creatures of good luck.

Room #3406  |  Completion Date: 2023.08

Artist's Message

There is a word “Engimono” (lucky charms) in Japan.
Various creatures and matters can bring good luck, and whales and elephants are the original lucky charms of Koki Tsujimoto.
The whale symbolizes “sunrise” as it can pull up the sun from the sea. In the artwork with two whales, the red whale represents “sunrise,” while the blue whale represents “moonrise,” making it a lucky charm where the sun and moon coexist. The elephant symbolizes “yin and yang,” a lucky charm that receives the sun and moon pulled up by the whale on land, pulls them with its nose, and returns them to the sea, creating day and night.

The whales swim in the ocean, creating waves and wind, and the elephants trample on the earth, building mountains and rivers.
These creatures, the largest in the sea and on land, are the lucky charms representing the creation of heaven and earth.

“Infinite Time and Space Amid Cognizant Japanese Beauty”

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