TOKYO borrowed scenery

Teppei Ikehila

The 37th artist room was created by artist Teppei Ikehila. The production is completed on September, 2023.


I pursue to paint all motifs with my true feelings by adding to the canvas daily only the colors I most wants to paint and what motivates me to create at that moment.
Various motifs such as animals, plants, and humans fill the canvas with a mixture of vivid colors.
I continue to create works that are in a strange harmony of what I want to paint and the aggregate of what my family and community members have painted.

-Teppei Ikehila

Room #3407  |  Completion Date: 2023.09

Artist's Message

We feel happy when everything in our field of vision seems important. I paint by adding to the canvas what I most want to paint the day, filling every corner of the screen with the most important parts of the paintings. I took the idea of “borrowed scenery” from Japanese gardens and extended that world outside of the painting. In this room, everything from the desk to the trash can complements each other. I further aimed to extend this to the view of Tokyo outside the window. Unlike the beauty of the natural world, which consists of simple regularities, I saw the diversity of the human nest, and I thought it was beautiful too. This ceiling painting is made up of 143 “water surface paintings” drawn by hotel employees and guests. Looking up from the bed, no two water surfaces are the same. This room is covered with “a world that does not aim to be one, but to be one”. The artwork “TOKYO borrowed scenery” is a world where inclusion is realized, where nature, the city, people, and everything in sight seems to be important.

The borrowed scenery of a Japanese garden also offers the pleasure of capturing the changing natural scenery that can only be seen at that particular moment. This “TOKYO borrowed scenery” will be completed when guests capture the present state of Tokyo.

“Infinite Time and Space Amid Cognizant Japanese Beauty”

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