By Marron-chan

As part of “Artist in Hotel Project”, the smoking area on the 25th floor was also decorated by artwork, with a painting by the artist Akihisa Hayashi (“Marron-chan”).

The theme of the smoking area is a make-believe retro-sexy town, “Tokyo Marron”. The inseparable symbols of Japan, viewed from the international city of Tokyo, are Mt. Fuji and Geisha!
From golden clouds drifting out of the pipe held in the hand of the big, reclining, gorgeous geisha, “Marron”, you get a glimpse of the Tokyo Skytree ® and Tokyo Tower which symbolize modern Japan, and are those Sushi and Ramen girls flying around in the sky?
As well as nostalgic girls dancing the “cancan”, there’s a mysterious UFO together with Godzilla, cats pacing the floor, and cute, sexy girls. This small smoking area in a hotel in the business town of Shiodome, makes it fun to unwind, relax and have a cigarette, while at the same time, it’s a creative space. An imaginary Tokyo full of chaotic charm covering the walls as if from a bird’s eye view, matches the real bird’s eye view of the ground looking down from the 25th floor – enjoy the image trip. We look forward to your visit to the smoking area, “Tokyo Marron”.

Staff recommendation comment

In the TOKYO MARRON Smoking Space, every piece by artist Akihisa Hayashi, also called Marron-chan, has glamourous and sensual women as the theme. To create the Marron-chan’s world, Akihisa Hayashi takes the appearance of Marron-chan every time he paints. In this room, you will find a tumultuous landscape of the city of Tokyo expanding through the wall from the Geisha’s pipe. Many different characters as Godzilla, a UFO, a rabbit playing the drums, a big elephant, some cats walking around in the city painted. And between all of them appears the main character, the innumerable cabaret dancers, and some other women. If you get carried away by the hustle and bustle of the painting, you will almost hear the music and sounds of the city. You can take a break while enjoying the art in the TOKYO MARRON Smoking Space. The TOKYO MARRON ashtrays are for sale as well. If interested, please do not hesitate to ask us.

Room #25F Smoking Space  |  Completion Date: December 2014

“Infinite Time and Space Amid Cognizant Japanese Beauty”

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