Treasure Box

Misa Ohashi

The 39th artist room was created by artist Misa Ohashi. The production is completed on March, 2024.

Room #3430  |  Completion Date: 2024.03

Artist's Message

When he opens the box, the smoke flutters and he becomes a grandfather. Then he turns into a crane and set off on his journey.

In the fluffy smoke, I am sure there are various animals running around, carriages going round and round on the ceiling, and a fantastic world like an amusement park is unfolding, and I thought he would become a grandfather while savoring the dreamy moments and the world of the story.

I want you to experience the thrill and excitement of opening such a Treasure Box.
I want you to feel that you stayed in this room and that it was an impressive room that you could savor for a lifetime.
I created this room with the hope that, like the grandfather who became a crane, you will jump out of the Treasure Box and travel to a new would of storytelling.

“Infinite Time and Space Amid Cognizant Japanese Beauty”

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