Artist Room to be created by Kyaraai

Above: Artworks by Kyaraai

The “Artist Rooms,” in which each guest room is a work of art, has become a symbol of Park Hotel Tokyo and have been favorably received by our guests. Following the 31st-floor, where all guest rooms are Artist Rooms, the 34th-floor guest rooms are scheduled to be transformed into artist rooms. In June 2024, the creation of the 13rd Artist Room on the 34th floor began.

Artist Room Production

Creator: Kyaraai, Artist
Starting Date of Creation: June 24, 2024
Place of Creation: Room 3409, 34th Floor, Park Hotel Tokyo

Members of the Media

Interviews during the creation of the Artist Room and coverage of other existing Artist Rooms, are welcome. Please feel free to contact us.

“Infinite Time and Space Amid Cognizant Japanese Beauty”

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