“3 Concierges of OMOTENASHI” Launched

Park Hotel Tokyo announced on April 10 that it has launched “3 Concierges of OMOTENASHI” that will showcase unique Japanese aesthetics as well as “omotenashi” Japanese hospitality starting in 2018.

Spaces have been set up for guests to experience the Japanese aesthetic sense in Park Hotel Tokyo with the concept of incorporating art in unique Japanese-style omotenashi, with initiatives being carried out for them to experience Japanese aesthetics in each of the ART (Atrium, Restaurant and Travel) scenes. The “3 Concierges of OMOTENASHI” comprising Art Concierge, Lobby Concierge and Restaurant Concierge are a new initiative meant to entertain each guest with their individual purposes. Lobby Concierge welcomes and sends off guests in the lobby, while Restaurant Concierge provides recommendations on meals and assists in special orders for guests dining in the restaurants. On the Artist Floor, Art Concierge will provide tours of the Artist Rooms, guest rooms with drawings done directly on the walls, and guide guests through art exhibitions and events.
These three concierges will work together to guide guests according to their individual preferences, and help them to make their stay a more memorable one.

Park Hotel Tokyo General Manager Takayuki Suzuki said:
“In addition to conventional concierge services, we will work to provide extra concierge service which fits more closely with each individual guest in a variety of situations during their stay. We hope to support our guests in creating even more memorable stays with us with our “3 Concierges of OMOTENASHI” which place value on the time-honored Japanese idea of “ichi-go ichi-e” (once-in-a-lifetime encounters).”

Park Hotel Tokyo hopes that all guests can have a memorable time during their stay here at Park Hotel Tokyo, and the hotel will continue to strive to deliver its unique form of Japanese-style omotenashi.

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Lobby Concierge and Restaurant Concierge
Art Concierge

“3 Concierges of OMOTENASHI” Launched

“Infinite Time and Space Amid Cognizant Japanese Beauty”

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