ART colours Vol. 16 Spring of Life Exhibition

At the Park Hotel Tokyo (Tokyo, Japan), the ART colours Exhibitions are held quarterly for the guests from overseas to enjoy the Japanese aesthetics of the four seasons, and as its 16th exhibition, the Spring of Life Exhibition will be held from March 14, 2016 (Monday) to May 29, 2016 (Sunday).

Due to its ideal location with excellent access between both Haneda and Narita international airport, and its spectacular view behind the Reception counter on the 25th floor of Tokyo’s iconic symbol “Tokyo Tower” and the most famous mountain of Japan, “Mt. Fuji”, the Park Hotel Tokyo has a high proportion of foreign guests, with that figure surpassing 78% in 2015. With the increasing number of foreigners visiting Japan, we anticipate that our proportion of foreign guests will continue to increase as well. In order to enable foreign guests to enjoy Japanese aesthetics distinctive of the Park Hotel Tokyo, we are creating spaces throughout the hotel that take art into consideration, and especially among them, the Artist Rooms* have earned a highly favorable reception for the works painted directly onto the guest room walls as though they were a canvas.

As a part of the ART colours project, the Spring of Life Exhibition, which takes its inspiration from the Park Hotel Tokyo’s concept of “Infinite time and space amid cognizant Japanese beauty”, will use the entire lounge on the 25th Floor with the Reception.  It features contemporary artists at the forefront, together with hand-painted Ukiyo-e artists who capture the customs of youth in the Edo Period.  Works which reveal “Spring of Life” as captured by each artist, which transcend ages and genres, will be on display throughout the hotel.  At the exhibition venue, explore the positive feeling of spring flowing from the atrium ceiling, and enjoy viewing the works while you are served with desserts and tea. In the evening, we offer original cocktails associated with the works on display, and there’ll also be a projection mapping (projection of computer graphic images) of the works on exhibit as its motif, on the 30m high wall.

At the Park Hotel Tokyo, we will continue to present our guests with the aesthetics of Japan in its many forms in the hope that foreign guests to the Park Hotel Tokyo will develop some understanding of Japanese culture and be able to enjoy Japanese aesthetics.


■ ART colours Vol.16 Spring of Life Exhibition ■

【Peirod】           March 14, 2016 (Monday) – May 29, (Sunday), open daily at 11:30~22:00
※Projection Mapping starts after dark, entrance hour limit may occur in case of special event
【Location】         Art Lounge, 25F, Park Hotel Tokyo 【Fare】 Admission free
【Exhibiting artists】 Yuji Moriguchi, Akihiro Misaki, On Yamamoto, Kyoko Komoda, Yuya Koiizuka, Yuki Nagayoshi, Atsushi Kaneoya, Rentaro Kawamoto, Hand-painted Ukiyoe
【Coorporation】     Hagurodo, Shinobazu Gallery, Katsumi Yamato Gallery, Fuyama Art
【Produced by】      creative unit moon (
【Video Production】 antymark annex

■  ART colours at Restaurants & Bar   ※ Price include 10% service charge & consumption tax

ART Lounge> Dessert d’ART
DessertTart Shunkoume –Spring strawberry tart-
Period:  March 14 (Monday) ~ May 29 (Sunday)
Price:   Tea Time      14:30~17:00 JPY 1,800 (served with coffee)
Dinner Time  17:30~22:00 JPY 1,200

tateru yoshino bis Executive Chef / Tateru Yoshino
NameWhite asparagus with mousseline sauce, scent of Orange
Period:  March 14 (Monday)~April 30 (Saturday)
Price:   Served as appetizer of dinner course
Menu de Saison JPY 10,000

Hanasanshou Head Chef / Motomichi Sekiguchi
Name   Matcha Yokan with Seasonal Nerikiri
Period:   March 14 (Monday) ~ April 30 (Saturday)
Prior reservation required
Price:     JPY 1,663

Bar The Society Chief Cocktail Designer / Takayuki Suzuki
Name  Sakurabito –Admiration for Cherry blossoms-
Period:   March 14 (Monday)~May 29 (Sunday)
Price:    JPY 1,600

■  Artists’ Bio ■
Yuji Moriguchi
Born 1971 in Tokushima Prefecture. In 1994, he graduated in design from Kyoto Seika University, Faculty of Art, specializing in Manga (the university now has a Faculty of Manga).  His distinctively lyrical and erotic images of women, which combine the dual qualities of Manga and Ukiyo-e drawn with exquisite lines, evoke a nostalgic view of the world together with a strong sense of presence. In recent years, his works have been exhibited at overseas art fairs in Asia, and have gained a high reputation both at home and abroad.

Akihiro Misaki
Born 1987 in Tokyo. Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts in Japanese painting.
2013 and 2014, Bolonga Exhibition of Children’s Book Illustrators (Award). 2015, CWAJ Contemporary Print Exhibition 60th Anniversary Exhibition (Special Jury Award).
He also creates drawings, lithographs, and books with words and pictures.

On Yamamoto
Born 1983 in Tokyo. Graduated from Sokei Academy of Fine Art and Design, Department of Printmaking.  Printed woodcuts like travel scenes.  Also worked as an illustrator.  Gives group shows like BASE GALLERY, HB Gallery, papier colle, and private exhibitions.

Kyoko Komoda
Born 1946 in Tokyo.  Started painting under the influence of her parents, who were “Western” oil painting artists.  Her works, which are produced using copperplate and original paintings, depict human emotions of people against a background of olden days.  Lecturer at the Copperplate Engraving Association, “Shikaku-I Sora”. Member of the “Hito Hito Kai”.

Yuya Koiizuka
Born 1975 in Fukuoka Prefecture.  Graduated from Tama Art University, Department of Printmaking.  Recipient of Kochi International Triennial Exhibition of Prints “Honorable Mention Award”, Sapporo International Biennial Exhibition of Prints “Sponsor Award”, Prinz 21 Grand Prix Exhibition “Sponsor Award”, and Japan Print Association Exhibition “Honorable Mention Award”.  Focuses on mundane, day-to-day things, such as the people, animals and landscape that appear in his works.  Recently, his family has grown, and he has produced an increasingly wide variety of work.

Yuki Nagayoshi
Born 1971 in Kanagawa Prefecture. Graduated from Tokyo National University of Fine Arts Graduate School, member of Japan Print Association.  Features Yuki Nagayoshi selection: “Japanese schoolgirl”, 2nd Prize at International Graphic Arts Triennial Sofia ’95 (Bulgaria), Shanghai Art Fair.  Her works are kept at the Joshi Arts University Museum, and Machida City Museum of Graphic Arts.

Atsushi Kaneoya
Born 1989 in Ichihara City, Chiba Prefecture.  Graduated from Yokohama College of Arts and Crafts Design Course.
Exhibited at “1st Asakusa Collection”, “TOKYO DESIGNERS WEEK”, Can★Do Handmade Knitting Contest (“Special Jury Award”), etc.
An artist who expresses what he feels in daily life through knitting.

Rentaro Kawamoto
Born 1991 in Kanagawa Prefecture.  Graduated from Yokohama College of Art, Textile Design Course.  Exhibited at “TOKYO DESIGNERS WEEK”, “International Outdoor Art Exhibition “TrollsForest”, etc.  Focuses on dyeing and weaving as part of Japanese culture.  Dyes and weaves works by hand that explore new possibilities.

Ukiyo-e painting
Ukiyo-e was born in the Edo Period after the end of long battles, when the world was moving toward peace, and are typical of Japan.  Woodblock paintings of beautiful women, landscapes and Kabuki actors, they are also historical records which reflect the culture and customs of the era.  Black portions used ink, while colors were drawn using chalk and mineral pigments. The works show young people from the middle to late Edo Period vividly painted.

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Main artwork at Spring of Life Exhibition
by artist Yuji Moriguchi
by Yuji Moriguchi
by Akihiro Misaki
by On Yamamoto
by Kyoko Komoda
by Yuya Koiizuka
by Yuki Nagayoshi
by Atsushi Kaneoya
by Rentaro Kawamoto
Ukiyoe Painting
Tart Shunkoume –Spring strawberry tart-
at ART Lounge
White asparagus with mousseline sauce, scent of Orange
at tateru yoshino bis
Matcha Yokan with Seasonal Nerikiri
at Hanasanshou

ART colours Vol. 16 Spring of Life Exhibition

“Infinite Time and Space Amid Cognizant Japanese Beauty”

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